I.N.N. Issue V (66) on 4614.03.19


                                                                     Intergalactic News Network

                                                                                                                               The Galaxy’s most recent news for you




I.  A few days ago Pandora sector suffered from a heavy meteor shower. Flights in the sector have been temporarily prohibited. The shower occurred from a cigar-shaped cloud of fractions, formed from gas of a dead star. The cloud itself looks like a tornado of small hard fragments moving at high velocity around an undefined gravity centre inside the cloud. Some of the fragments are large enough, especially those closer to the gravity centre. The sector has taken little damage, but the centre of the cloud passed through the zone which is known among mercenaries as the “dreadnought wreck”.


A scavenging team that arrived to the place noticed that one of the asteroids called “the cornerstone” by the pilots had suffered greatly. It has beed almost turned to dust. But the most interesting still awaited ahead. In the former asteroid centre they found a strange 94х94х94 cube, probably created by the Precursors. At the same moment all the scavengers of the Galaxy rushed to the sector in search of artifacts. They scanned all the asteroids, fragmented and perforated them, but failed to find anything more. Many of them completely lost their heads and ignored the warnings of synoptics about the second wave of the meteor shower because of the cloud’s rotation around its relative centre.


When two days later the situation in the sector turned to normal again, the only thing that rescue teams found was piles of wrecks which turned the sector into a ship breaking yard. The same day all engineering operations on asteroids have been officially banned and taken over by a dedicated scientific team controlled by UFO. But the perfect black cube which received a new name, “Pandora Box”, disappeared. The hot pursuit made it clear that some ship had used an imperial warp engine here (not one of most popular and reliable systems, often neglected by both mercenaries and pirates). Further destiny of this ship is unknown. The Empire refused to comment on this, but stated, that it has nothing to do with the incident and all the imperial ships are at docking stations.



II.  Last week аn official agreement has been signed by the Mercenary Centre and StarMed. StarMed thus becomes one of the sponsors for the Centre. New financial investments by the largest medical corporation known will make it possible to decrease financial pressure on pilots. Particularly, the Centre has developed a plan of financial consessions for beginner mercs. from now on StarMed will increase total sum of the pilot’s income, probably even double it. Moreover, the price of basic flight courses will also be lowered, which in the end will make licenses for purchase of basic ships models  cheaper.



III.  Also construction of additional hangar modules at all MC stations have been finished. These modules are situated at the back side of the warehouse and enlarge overall size a bit. Works are currently at the finishing stage, but mercenaries are already forming a queue to apply for enlargement. Although the Centre is trying to assure the pilots that everyone will get his additional space, mercenaries are afraid to believe it and refuse to break the queue up.




IV.  Pirates which have taken heavy casualties during the operation carried out by Antipiracy Committee, have recovered. Theysent reinforcements (warning: russian language) to their resource deposits. They sent all their reserves to defend the facilities, pressing the mercenaries with quantity of ships, not quality or power. As a result, pilots faced superior enemy forces, but managed to stand up and complete the mission. Still, pirates are not giving up as well and never give their resourses without striking a blow back. So, pilots will face more trials and sudden surprises.


V.  Secret blueprints of an unknown ship have been found on the Spacenet. An anonymous user insists that the blueprints represent a Jericho dreadnought being built at secret Jericho shipyard of the 5th “Blade of Bartle” ship city. But experts are sceptical about the blueprints and consider them a private project of an unknown billionaire, who decided to have a dreadnought of his own and hired one of public shipyards for this.




VI.  Excavations at the settlement of ancient Terrans, dated with 22nd century, continue. The archeologists are glad to share another unique archive, carefully extracted and restored, which took a few weeks. This archive, as Anatoliy Kot, the leading archeologist and the head of the 5th expedition assumes, contains data about the last tragic minutes of an abandoned group of persons, their hard life far from home. But former assistant archeologist disagree with this and considers this sample to be just a how-to video for pilgrims heading to celestial temple - a guide to welcoming extraterrestrials.




VII. Our favourite mini-tournaments

The Mercenaries Centre decided that it should re-introduce weekly sport events for pilots. To satisfy everyone, a poll has been launched about what pilots would like to have as a competition. You can vote [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22743-events-on-weekends/).




The top 10 of pilots efficiency rating has changed drastically since previous INN issue.  Despite all the efforts, Filat [Russ] has failed to take the 1st position. It’s all about the new leader of this rating -  xxXDucalizXxx , who climbed 7 positions up compared to results shown 2 weeks ago. This pilot has made his best to increase his efficiency by 1 million 358 thousand points. Also we should note Verno1962 [spIn] who got the 3rd place with 914 thousand points per same period.


1 (+7). xxXDucalizXxx [2x2] – 3.205.975 (+1.358.905)
2 (0). Filat [Russ] – 3.167.710 (+671.432)
3 (+3). Verno1962 [spIn] – 2.793.962 (+914.616)
4 (-1). Silverias [Draco] – 2.760.724 (+634.253)
5 (-4). zvtvp – 2.753.374 (-94.382)
6 (new). Sash [WPK] – 2.568.447
7 (-2). vavan76d [bETA] – 2.525.988 (+454.427)
8 (new). GreenHead64RUS [RDS] 2.436.787
9 (-5). Achi – 2.343.861 (+238.372)
10 (0). RUSIK161 [VIP] – 2.325.349 (+550.533)



Lifetime winners


It’s been a while since our previous issue, but there’s been no competition for the 3rd place by winning rateTNeoDC [ESB] seems to have spent all this time in his hangar. But  Freesamurai has taken the advantage and has won 254 battles, thus raising himself by 2 positions - to the 7th place. Probably he’ll make his further way upwards, time will show. Also we should note USIK [sYN]****, **** who has got enough wins to take the 10th position thus entering the top 10.


1 (0). Djoylok [DNO] – 10981 (+119)
2 (0). D6KA [ESB] – 8619 (+70)
3 (0). sv9toi [Nova] – 8257 (+110)
4 (0). TNeoDC [ESB] – 8119 (0)
5 (0). raymaru [ESB] – 8005 (+50)
6 (0). Wynnypuh [ESB] – 7797 (+43)
7 (+2). Freesamurai – 7514 (+254)
8 (-1). radyogh [ESB] – 7311 (+18)
9 (-1). Maximum997 [ESB] – 7268 (+9)
10 (new). USIK [sYN] – 7108



Beating all to pieces


Want to know who is the incredible damage dealer of the week? I will tell you - it’s MotherShip [CORP]. He has dealt 102 million points of damage during this week!


  1. MotherShip [CORP] – 102455432.4
  2. TeddyKiller [AUT] – 68096748.5
  3. GOB [sCORP] – 62851663.4
  4. kaneto [DNO] – 56156780.3
  5. supreme [RDS] – 53696285.3
  6. Avatar70rus [ALPHA] – 53573734.4
  7. predel [sRS] – 53515802.2
  8. BUPYC – 50909987.8
  9. AggressorMAD [DNO] – 50796286.1
  10. Fedman47 [sKY] – 50519691.3



What a scrap!


It is easier to pull down than to build, so let’s see who is this week’s most effective healer. This is LudwigHR [ESB], who has restored 46 million points of hulls and shields power. I wonder where did he find so many beaten allies.


  1. LudwigHR [ESB] – 46216466.5
  2. BlueSea [CORP] – 21983737.4
  3. gal2206 [ALPHA] – 21570087
  4. DOGE [DNO] – 19089913.5
  5. predel [sRS] – 17892454.1
  6. TeddyKiller [AUT] – 16988058.8
  7. mzhelskii1987 [DNO] – 16950709.2
  8. sefustelelor [TUF] – 16291475.5
  9. Krigg [Nova] – 16266744.8
  10. slavenius [CCCP] – 15602829.8


I don’t see your wings!


Two more corporations have used the opportunity of froming a combat wing, introduced by the Merc Centre. These corporations are The DNO Inc [DNO] and **SCORPIONS [sCORP]. **Moreover , the first of these two is leading the ELO rating among the wings corporations. Where have they been before?


1 (new). The DNO Inc [DNO] – 1045
2 (0). Evil Space Bears [ESB] – 1036 (+16)
3 (-2). SIRIUS [sRS] – 1010 (-14)
4 (-1). ParadoX [PDX] – 1005 (0)
5 (-1). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr] – 1000 (0)
6 (-1). Black Hawks [HawK] – 994 (0)
7 (-1). Star Storm [sTORM] – 994 (0)
8 (-1). Nobody can hide – 990 (0)
9 (new). SCORPIONS [sCORP] – 985
10 (-2). SIRIUS II [sR2] – 938 (-32)


Finally, some corp ratings**.** No comments.


Top 10 PvP corps
1 (+8). CCCP [CCCP]
3 (+2). AUT [AUT]
4 (-3). Stellar Marines [steel]
5 (new). Southern Lights [sL]
6 (-4). Orden Tamplier OT [OTr]
7 (-1). THE CORP [CORP]
8 (-4). Star Storm [sTORM]
9 (new). VIP [VIP]
10 (-3). First alliance [1st]

Top 10 PvE corps
1 (+3). VIP [VIP]
2 (-1). RED Star [RDS]
3 (+3). Star Storm [sTORM]
5 (0). CCCP [CCCP]
6 (-3). Russ [Russ]
7 (new). 2x2 [2x2]
8 (-1). First alliance [1st]
9 (new). TRIADA [TR]
10 (new). Star Freelancers [star]


That’s all for Sports news. This section was prepared by SeraX.




VIII.  The Empire strikes back. Forces of Jericho families continue to retreat, forced out from the territories by imperial iron fist. Meanwhile borders of Federation remain relatively stable. All their redundant attacks in all directions are easily contained. The Federation seems to have concentrated on defensive tactics and doesn’t give a single sector up to its rivals.






The weather is still calm, though anomalies occur from time to time. They don’t influence the situation too much and pilots mostly don’t suffer from them. Despite the fact that synoptics don’t see any major cataclysms ahead, you may still get a good sudden wallop of them. So you should visit StarMed prior to your flights. StarMed - you’ll have a long memory of us.



The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight, LexxVIII, SeraX

Thanks for the INN Lexx! Interesting read indeed, specially that thing that StarMed will work with the UMC.


Also, checked in-game the effectiveness leaderboard and their top users profiles, it was hilarious. Effectiveness leaderboard should only take into consideration PvP, same with the damage leaderboard.

Also nothing about the top players in destroyed ships?  :lol:

Nothing hinting at option for old scoring display or pink ships. Sounds terrible.

New hangar modules and expanded size is what caught my attention.