I.N.N. Issue IX (70) on 4614.04.23


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I. Last week the Empire declared that its major uranium mine name “The Emperor’s Gift” is about to be closed. It used to be the main uranium supplier for almost all the inhabited parts of the galaxy, and its uranium was of the highest quality. This closure will inevitably cause market problems and influence manufacturing of all devices, from ammunition to reactors. Of course there are other mines, but volumes and quality of their product doesn’t match current demand


The Empire itself is facing certain problems. High quality uranium concentrate is a part of technological process in manufacturing lenses which are commonly used in laser cannons. Now these lenses are going to become less transparent, more fragile, less effective.


The mine used to be a well-known place to keep the criminals waiting on the Emperor’s mercy. But, as he himself noticed, there’s nothing to worry about - the convicts wuld be sent to another place, just as comfortable as the previous.


II. Jericho Techs didn’t want to bear the rise of uranium prices which negatively influenced the Families’ new and popular cannon efficiency. It took them only a few days to modify the cannon, and now uranium core is not an additional option, but a standard for its ammo. It made the projectiles lighter, easier to load and exploding more powerfully. But for the sake of all this they had to sacrifice the built-in enemy early detection system, which resulted in reducing the radius of projectiles detonation, thus turning the cannon into semi-contact one.


III. Problems with uranium supply influenced one more cannon popular among elite Jericho pilots (and not only them). Using low quality concentrate purchased at third party supplires has led to serious reduction of projectile weight and splinters impulse. This reduced piercing effectivity of them, but feeding the lighter ammo to the chamber will become quicker.


But as an old Jericho saying runs, it was a blessing in disguise. The Techs managed to tune the dynamic recoil stabilization system a bit, thus increasing its efficiency.


IV. Federation faced some difficulties as well, and managed to beat Jericho at modification path. Its scientists completely wiped uranium-containing components of high-frequency blaster-type plasma charger out of the system. However strange it may seem, the results turned out to be strictly positive. Stabilization system became more enduring and reliable, and capacitors now are able to accumulate more energy and make the projectile speed even higher. Unfortunately, they lose their impulse quicker now.


Such systems hsve been introduced to the transmission mechanism in thermo-blaster energy generator, which allows to reduce energy loss and increase the number or fotons emitted at each shot, making the cannon more destructive.


V. The Empire has also introduced some innovations. After a few fruitless efforts imperial scientists have developed a barrel modification consisting of additional reflecting lenses cascade. It allows beam cannlns to reduce energy loss, thus increasing their range. As one professor fron Federative Scientific university said, “rough but effective - that’s pure imperial style”.






VI. The last UMC supply of clones used to substitute pilots in battles, turned out to be faulty. As pilots state, mental connection with clones is suddenly interrupted during the battle, and it just won’t resume. All the mercs who faced this problem had nothing to do but wait when the ships are auto-piloted to the hangar after the battle. StarMed found out that this supply of clones had been infected by a biovirus at embryo stage - security systems have records of an unknown man connecting an undefined device to gene bank control mainframe. The man’s face was hidden under the hood, so his personality remains unidentified. StarMed has already taken necessary steps and states that the next supply will be fully operational.


VII. Illegal cab-drivers are reported to appear in the sector. They illegally move pilots and their equipment from one station to another. As you remember, not so long ago most flights have been banned because of a storm coming. The pilots remain locked at locations where the storm caught them. The UMC warns: don’t trust illegal services. They demand currency, but cannot guarantee te safety of your cargo.





VIII. Around the Iridium Stream

“Iridium Wars” tournament, organized by the UMC to determine who is going to control the “Iridium Stream” sector, has been held last saturday. The original plan has been interrupted by a number of circumstances, the first of which was the fact that nav beacons disppeared from the sector. Still, the event may as well be called a success.


As the UMC failed to acqiure full control of the situation, Evil Space Bears corp [ESB] has captured the “Iridium Stream” sector even before the official start of the tournament, but the greed for gain caused a conflict inside the corp itself. In hard battles a group of ESB pilots named " Evil Space Pandas" led by well-known Maximum997 has taken the commanding lead. ESB fights for the “Iridium Stream” (by D6KA)  can be found here.


NOVA and The DNO could become dangerous opponents for ESB, but both failed for certain reasons. NOVA refused to join without their leader, Wolkor, arrested by the police. The DNO couldn’t get to the sector because of warp gate aiming failure, caused by absence of nav beacons at the destination point, and after a few vain efforts decided to leave the sector for ESB.


Still, the UMC managed to create a special area for other groups, who came to “peacefully” settle the problem of sector control. 10 teams took part, and Still Alive  of Syndicate became the best of them. Kayfat group did its best and was close to victory, but they couldn’t beat the experience of Still Alive pilots. Also NASA corp should be noted, as it also had good chance for victory and showed outstanding fighting skills. Tournament videos by well-known reporter Abdulov: #1 - the whole tournament, #2 - Still Alive vs Kayfat final. Tournament brackets is here.


Specially for INN, personal video of Serax, Syndicate team captain.

, team communication included.


As the Battle Continues

There appeared  some rumours that the UMC decided to hold different tournaments more often to develop mercs’ team fighting skills. Reportedly, so-called blitz-tournaments **(FastCups) **will be introduced soon, the first of them will be held on the 2nd week of may.


That’s all with sports news, the section was prepared by SeraX.




IX. Since last week the situation on the global map has undergone some changes, but they’re not drastic. The Empire and Jericho have signed a temporary cease-fire, which allowed the Families to draw forces from the imperial border to contain the feds counterattack. Moreover, the Empire also decided to land a strike on federative turf - it steadily moves towards the capital sector of Federation, taking all the territiories one by one. 

Federates are gathering forces in the capital sector, preparing to strike back. But military experts are sceptical about possible results of such intentions.







X. Plasma cloud has finally reached the inhabited sectors. People hurry to leave public places, stockpile medicine, fill water and air tanks. Walking outside even at stations is extremely dangerous during the storm, not to mention flying somewhere. StarMed warns - if you are late to pay for insurance, stay in and pray it is over quickly. As StarMed’s official noted, "They should blame themselves - they had enough time to think. We always said you’ ll have a long memory of us (although your life may be short).  "Don’t worry, we’ll help you to solve serious problems, because, as we say, _ StarMed - you’ll have a long memory of us "._





You think you are too slow? You are powerful, fearful, but sluggish? We have an offer for you! Feel the magnificent instance of crazy rhythm and a rattling good speed. Paint your Jericho guard as a red lighting! Let everyone know you are fast as a lighting, sharp and powerful. The battle is over as soon as you get to the enemy resp point.

Buy “red lighting” colours right now, feel yourself king of speed and battle. Noone can fly as fast as your “red lighting” guard!


Onward, pilot, and don’t forget - the red ship flies faster, and red lighings just cross the galaxy in an instance, you’ll even not notice this.



The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight   LexxVIII   SeraX   Disly


New ammo modifiers? I hope so

nerf to laser weapons not sure if Ion, Beam or Pulse
higher projectile speed for rails but lower weapon heating time
lower explosion radius for Coil Motar but some other buff to th weapon overall
something blaster-type plasma charger … could mean RFB buff?
beam cannon range increase?

this scares me, i dont know why but it does.