I.N.N. Issue (89) on 4614.10.08 - did you miss us? :)


Intergalactic News Network



The Galaxy** s Most Recent News For You !**

Featuring our new cute AI - B.I.O. (retrieved from recently captured Biomorph frigate)


1. Some sad news from the Federation - iridium prices have risen up significantly because of the crisis. Strange thing, but this doesn’t influence production in general. Iridium is quite a specific material used in narrow-profile devices. Recently some companies started to use it in new missile pylons production. Now these companies have no other way than start using cheaper analogues, which will directly affect overall quality of production. And while mercenaries write petitions and companies calculate losses, the crisis continues to spin up.
B.I.O.  - What a pity, iridium is getting too expensive. It was so tasty. And now we’ll have to choke with this third-rate copycat.  40.gif
2. Last week the Techs found a way to synchronize the emission of two adaptive shields for better defense characteristics. But practical realization of this idea has stumbled over some bureaucratic procedures. Clerks of Federation refused to grant access to work crews when they knew that this new production had no customs clearance. Some Jericho research groups also refused to grant access saying they won’t let anyone to approach their property. It took a week to sort things out. If the Empire doesn’t fasten a quarrel over some faults, then modification of old equipment and selling of new items will start these days.
B.I.O.  - It seems that mercenaries have now got a new motto: “Shift to ride, ride to live”. 
3.  Iridium problems have to some extent influenced other branches of industry, using it in intermediate manufacturing phase. For example, energy deflection systems with crystal elements, used by manufacturers of Federation, will be substituted by regular systems. The use of crystals allowed to boost efficiency of spec ops interceptors. A few systems of these ships’ type will be rebuilt, including main device.
B.I.О**. - Don’t you mean that spec ops intys will now be able to sow mines at beacons and carry out sabotage attacks at enemy stations? 110.GIF
4.  The Techs give us more good news amid all this constant flow of problems. They managed to knock spots of everyone and upgrade the system which was considered to be worked out to its technical limit - anomaly generator. Now with a new aiming component installed one can put the explosion point at a farther dinstance. And if you use a special radiator with an alien crystal, it will reduce the device’s cooling period. Finally, if you use a crystal as a source of emission, it will make the anomaly more destructive.
As you know, there are dedicated systems that increase missiles’ maneuver speed or fuel economy to make them cover longer distances. These systems are controlled by means of implants. The Techs modified these systems so that they could interact with the anomaly generator.
B.** I . О .  - More destruction potential to the Judgement Day Weapon, gimme two!  53.gif
5. One more message from the Jericho side. A group of scientists found a bug in the code of shields generation controller algorithm. Thie problem being fixed, we’ll be able to have a fresh look at the shields and their combat efficiency. This fix will increase survivability of ships, first of all Jericho ones, and reinforce Families’ influence in the Precursors Sector.
 - To shield or not to hull - that’s the question! 
6.  Another achievement of the Techs is an upgrade for a good old long-range railgun, written off by most military units. Despite the fact that the scientists failed to create a new generation cannon system as they initially intended, they performed a large-scale reconstruction of the old one. Many of legacy components have been substituted by modern analogues. As a result, the gun has increased a number of its characteristics, but preserved its original outlook and essence.
B.I.О**. - As the saying goes, there’s nothing new, only blasts from the past. Jericho guys make too much research work, that looks suspicious.  83.gif
7.  Recent Biomorhs invasion caused strange random anomalies. One of these occurred during one of the lower tier battles. After entering the battlefield mercenaries got into a dimensions junction, where all the combat modes existed at the same time. These pilots went through a medical check - no results. Some veteran pilots make fun of it. Here’s a fragment of their listing:
M…L: Waitin’ for a new tactics to come - captains are changed periodically, and you should install EMP-bombs on them.  :O
l…r: Bombs are created by holding beacons for certain time.
S…X: All this takes place at Blackwood, under the boss’ pulsar. After 3 mins Biomorphs break in as well)) 
B.I.** О .  - Blame Biomorphs for everything. Smells like discrimination.  183.gif
8.  The UMC is offering prizes for attracting new recruits. Operation [“Newcomers’ Feedback](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24528-gather-your-friends-feedback-and-earn-gs/)[2”](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24528-gather-your-friends-feedback-and-earn-gs/)  is carried out to know the newcomers’ opinion about the current ship systems’ firmware version. Unfortunately, the operation received little atention among the pilots.
О .  - It used to be “more new pilots = more frags”, now it’s like “more new pilots = more GS”. 
9.  [“Top Aerography”](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23889-contest-%E2%80%98top-aerography%E2%80%99/) contest continues. Best works will be added to the shop, and authors will get their part from sales. This profitable contest also received little attention, though some potential winners are already there.
О .  - I don’t understand this graphical stuff. Why do people call it art? 83.gif
10.   No More Second Chances
Inter-corporate tournament for those corporations who failed to win a prize in the First Inter-Corporate Championship, has been cancelled. There are no exact reasons aired, but it seems that, as it has been already noticed, the contestants just failed to gather and form teams because of high prices for inter-station flights. One famous space checkers player commented on this: "I think it’s just silly. Why couldn’t they just place anyone on the list? Those who have applied are going to get a compensation for free. Isn’t it cool? It’s a pity I won’t watch these spectacular flights. I’ll go play some space checkers ".
О .  - New swag scheme - don’t show up at the tournament and get a compensation. Easy money. 
11.  Federation-Jericho border doesn’t change its form. The federates are constantly attacking, Jericho is constantly pushing them back, no serious battles there for now. The Empire continues its assault over Jericho, which resulted into taking a couple of sectors from them. Now the imperials try to take a sector of strategic importance which allows to easily perform attacks at any direction. The federates tried to capture this sector last week, no success. Jericho definitely knows how to build defense.
This week’s motto: Jiggers! They repaired the saw Too much water drowned the miller.
ECM. Quiet and tranquil week for you, as usually. Tempers run high somewhere aside. You may just relax and have a good time with your friends in the sectors, crapping life for others.
. I. О.
 - You may just as well play some dirty tricks at your mates, just keep low profile…  162.gif
Recon**. A small but pleasant surprise awaits you. Of course, if you’ve been a good boy. But for those who made use of sudden luck and threw a firework party the new day won’t bring much bliss.
О .  - The hang-over has never been a pleasant thing…  201.gif
Spec Ops
Somebody has definitely put a hex on you. The problems are just following one another. You seem to do same old things, but it’s just a complete disaster. Well, the only thing left to do is realize that the celebration is over and it’s daily routine to come after it.
О .  - That’s what happens when an inexperienced AI tries to upgrade a ship’s firmware.  199.gif
Gunships.  You are likely to receive some interesting news, but don’t be too excited, it may as well be a fraud. Keep looking around, watch out for extremely aggressive rocks eager to get you a black eye.
. I. О. - Everyone can become a victim of spam, but you shouldn’t believe it, especially if it says that you won 1 million in a contest you didn’t sign up to.  178.gif
Command fighters**.
  Everything is going just right. Some gifts and surprises arе likely to arrive on Thursday. The stars advise you to unpack old things and try them with the new stuff.
B**. I. О. - Seems that they will put Gauss cannons on again.  48.gif
Tacklers**. Well you are ok, just as always. Your success is your own achievement. Stay focused, and you’ll always be at the top.
. I. О.
 - Don’t forget your motto: “Sneak in, kick in the rear and turn tail, cloaked”.  173.gif
LRFs**. The stars advise you not to waste your nerves and money. Your old accessories are out of fashion, but if you adapt quickly, noone will get hurt.
О .  - Your enemies are the ones to get hurt, if you upgrade your modules at least to mk.2.  88.gif
Guards.  You are still trying to get used to your new character. You are lucky in your journeys. The stars promise no obstructions on your way this week. If you are planning any journeys, of course. Anyway, the truth is out there.
О .  - The only obstruction for you is two full-violet tacklers.  173.gif
.** Your drab existence doesn’t make much fun. The luck has gone to others and there’s no use waiting for it. Brace yourself winter is coming and show everyone that you’re the one who’s irreplaceable.
B.I.** О **.  - Try to turn your auras on just for once, and you’ll see your goddamn dull life full of colours.  144.gif



The issue was prepared by:

MoonLight  SeraX  GaLathea  Disly  LexxVIII  and our AI - B.I.O.


Ohgod… that first point… I’m already afraid of what’s coming.

Changes to CovOps might be nice, but the blank clouds over ECMs is what worries me…

That Horoscope, hahaha.

Thank you for starting to write these again!

So, you could say that this is the new, uh…




I’ll show myself out.

Yes we did miss u!


BIO only rang this quote in my ears:

Zim: In the event of, say, a full-scale alien invasion, how prepared do you think this planet’s defenses would be? TELL MEH!

In a quiet, peaceful corner of New Eden’s Constellation Bar, Beroya Kaine folds the latest paper edition of I.N.N. and places it on the table next to a steaming mug of coffee. His grease-stained hands raise the drink to his lips as he closes his eyes in enjoyment. This is the good life. Placing the empty mug back on the table for the waitress to refill, he begins to muse over the latest news.


So the Federation is stonewalling the Techs, even though they’ve got the blueprints for that shield all figured out, hmmmm… Can’t say the Feds were ever the brightest bunch; what with their politics always bein’ in constant disarray. By Jove, but the Empire does get things done fast with that ‘practical dictatorship’ they’ve got. Maybe I’ll swing their way; see if they’ve got a tech or two that’ll give a fellow wrench-head a few tips to fix 'em.


A few rowdy crew members start making their way to the counter, temporarily disturbing the peaceful atmosphere with crass jokes and playful punches. Beroya watches them for a minute to make sure they aren’t going to make trouble, then returns to his thoughts with a sigh.


Really wish those Empire blokes would figure out how this iridium stuff works before shoving it into every ship component they lay their hands on. I wondered if those missile pylons were a good investment, and it seems my gut was right. If it costs me more than a million credits just to refit that stupid Atlas…


A man wearing a hat that obscures his eyes enters the doorway of the bar. A large gun hangs in the crook of his arm, and he surveys the room with deadly purpose. Beroya stiffens, his hand reflexively resting near the pistol on his hip. But it seems the hunter isn’t here for him, and after a brief scan of the room, the man moves on. Beroya lets out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding in and lets his hands return to the paper.


That was too close. Ach, stupid hands. Stop shaking. Alright, now what have we got here… No classifieds. No comics. No sports… Blast. Well, at least we’re finally getting news out here again. Wonder if I could purchase a classified ad, now that I’m unemployed? Surely there’s someone out there who’ll hire a pilot of my experience. Hmmmm. Boy is that BIO character annoying…


His second cup of coffee gone, Beroya stands and stretches with a groan. Leaving a tip on the table, he strolls to the door and out toward the hangar, where his motley fleet of Privateer ships await.


The waitress cleans the table and picks up the tip before moving back towards the counter. With a startled shriek, she drops the mug on the boot of the bounty hunter, who towers over her.


“The man who was just here, where did he go?”


Visibly shaken, the waitress points toward the hangar.


“Thank you, ma’m.” He tips his hat and is gone.

Devs ignore everything we say for a year, then get pissy at us for not finding new players to give them feedback? Russian Logic is messed up.

I forsee a wave of unwanted nerfs ahead…

Wait… you guys captured a hunter??

Wait… you guys captured a hunter??

That’s old news, it’s in the Jericho hangar.

So that is what’s been slowly melting my poor graphics card

That’s old news, it’s in the Jericho hangar.

Apparently, Orange duct tape is the alien’s weakness.