I love this game, except one thing that I hate. Devs, can I PLEASE turn off the "X manufactured Y ship" text?

I’m sure if we surveyed the playerbase as a whole, we could agree that it adds no useful information to the chat screen, that it frequently amounts to spam, that it breaks immersion and is overall quite unpleasant.

The only thing that shocked me more than that text being there, was discovering there was, in fact, no way to turn it off.

I hope I’m wrong and you tell me there’s an option to filter it out, but while loving the gameplay, this text has consistently hurt my enjoyment of the game.  For example while trying to enjoy the pleasure of a new ship, and feeling like I just became a little more special having achieved a goal, I find that goal is incredibly cheapened by seeing 10 people achieve the same in the next five minutes.

Not my friends or corp members, but just random people.

If it’s meant to be advertising, can we please turn it off if we pay for premium licensing?  I have 6 months prepaid and I’d literally give two of those months back just to be able to turn it off.

There are plenty of us ship hipsters out there who find a goal less desirable the more we see other people have completed it, rather than more desirable in a peer pressure way.  And yes, maybe I’m closing my eyes to the truth, but while I see 20x messages about a ship being attained, in my matches I’m rarely using the same one as anyone else. And if not for those messages, I’d be able to keep my sense of uniqueness and immersion.

If not for that message, I could actually feel like I was accomplishing something unique and simply bask in the personal attainment.

So please, I’m literally begging you, you already have my money for the next 6 months worth of time, I’ve bought literally every DLC pack, just please include an option to turn off these messages.  I assume it’d be the simplest and tiniest bit of code, and it’d make a night and day difference for my gaming experience.

And for those who would totally disagree with me and see it more as their achievements being trumpeted, making it an option perfectly solves the problem.

Thank you kind sirs,

John D Williamson Monroe

Added for review ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Thank you sir ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Yeah this is indeed quite annoying

Keep it. Just have a flood control so it tells you who bought what ships in the collective time rather than who bought that ship that very second ^^

I’m curious, Shotan, what use do you have for it?

Although per my original suggestion, make it an option to be viewable, but not a locked necessity.

+1 for the remove of the useless text spam.
Just a way to ‘bully’ others with these ‘walletwarriors’.
Nothing else.
Within corp/squad, you can take your ship in to show your pride…

I am tolerant - it may stay. Not getting to my nerves.

I don’t understand what tolerant has to do with this.  You shouldn’t have to tolerate anything, if you’re having to use toleration to deal, then it’s probably a bad feature.

An option would be great. Even better if you don’t see messages for ships that you have already obtained!!!

This option would not be turned off cause it is one of economical aspect of the game

And as for me I like to see greets from my friends and random pilots when I craft any ship, some kind of reward ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

14 hours ago, dougabjr said:

I don’t understand what tolerant has to do with this.  You shouldn’t have to tolerate anything, if you’re having to use toleration to deal, then it’s probably a bad feature.

Tolerance is a main ingredient of civilized constitutional states : different cultures, peoples, parties live side by side in reciprocal respect. It is the other way round, people that cannot tolerate have a problem (even may be medically ill, e.g. allergy, narcism).

Such suggestions have already been posted in the past.


There should be an option under Game Options or Notifications, to check or un-check selected parameters:

Decide, what you want to see or read.

Shown notifications for: Premium ships, Secret Project ships, Ellydium ships, Manufactured ships


Case closed with no issues.

12 hours ago, Cheshirskiy_KoT said:

This option would not be turned off cause it is one of economical aspect of the game

And as for me I like to see greets from my friends and random pilots when I craft any ship, some kind of reward ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

Even so, such option should be turned on by default, but it can still disturb me, when I am making a video or taking a screenshot.

Best option to manually disable such messages, if you don’t like them, under Notifications options.

I know what the word means, you’re just using it so incredibly improperly that I was baffled.  The word tolerance and the way it relates to modern liberal constitutional democracies has absolutely no bearing to how one feels about this advertising misstep.  First of all, why would you argue against it being an option?  Let people who choose to keep it on have an extra trophy pull.  Is that not wasting your breath?  This is a misleading and out of context use of the word tolerance.  We use the word tolerance regarding the beliefs of others, their sexuality, their genetic characteristics not the advertising practices in star conflict.  Tolerance has nothing to do with this because there’s no need for anyone to tolerate it.  It could simply be available for those who appreciate it, and there could be an option to turn it off, or to turn it off for ships we already own for us who don’t like it.

This piece of advertising isn’t the result of an inexorable and unchangeable aspect of some particular culture.  It is not eligible for tolerance.  It is simply a chat feature/bot in the game that happens to do more harm than good.  

The proper word you’d be looking for is apathetic.  And fine, if you’re apathetic regarding it, but you should still logically come to the conclusion that some way to turn it off would be ideal.  Whether by buying said ship, paying for premium time or a simple option.

I’ve never once received random messages of congratulations when I got a new ship and I don’t want every stranger knowing every time I buy a ship with my personal cash, it could make someone a target for hackers when they realize how much value is z and at this point, there’s a “X bought a tharga message” up to 10 times per half hour.  That’s too much.

Plus it makes it plain as day to a new player that a certain ship is receiving disproportionate attention, it serves no purpose.

So, yes, nice try regarding making this erroneous piece of chat spamming information into a matter of moral goodness, but unfortunately my degrees are in philosophy and political science and my professors would slaughter me for such.

Also, it’s not an ‘economical’ aspect.  Literally -no- other similar F2P does this and they are all also making plenty of money.

Also, worth pointing out that the chat blurb coming up often precipitates arguments and anger in the a very large corporation I’m in and in general chat.  Every time people see a Tharg get built (and it happens about once every 3-4 minutes now) everyone gets distracted and talks about either how the tharg is annoying, how it it needs a nerf, how it’s too easy to get, how it’s being given away, how people who get it now are wasting their time) etc 

It just precipitates frustration and gives OTHER PLAYERS information about your spending habits they have no right to, and leads to anger.  Very bad ideas, bad for spending money. Bad for business.


You should keep the announcements private and simply post which ship was most popular this week and make it bought/crafted etc

At the very least, some kind of option would be the way.  Treating us like adults, rather than little kids, will go a long way.

… from “drug/alcohol tolerance” over “stress tolerance” to “civic/religious tolerance” … there might be different uses in cultures…?

yellow texts are not a major issue…

20 minutes ago, avarshina said:

yellow texts are not a major issue…

They are not a major issue, but we deserve a choice to disable them.

Even when you have all Premium ships, including assembled ships, you will still receive yellow text. Getting them won’t disable such notifications.

Well , I am tolerant in regard to this demand.


[To be fair, it must be said that this retorded owl flew into a septic tank, again, and had to be cleaned from hazards prior to its daily medication by pound personnel.]