I like these new ship changes.

Having spent an hour going through all the gear and refitting my ships, I have to say, I actually like what this patch brought in.

The new tactical approach to ship roles and fittings is very interesting, and some of my new setups look to be more powerful than before :o


Really the only problem I have so far is that I cannot use some of my Mk3 modules now because they changed which loyalty you need for it (mass shield generator for example… I spent so long grinding that and now can’t use it T.T) - this was not a nice move, at least let people use what they already have, if you took 2 factions to rank 11-12 to use items that now you can’t, that really sucks.

There’s really no good way around that, honestly. If they “let people use what they already have”, in two weeks everybody else will complaint about the “pre-patch cheaters” who can keep their pre-balance-patch fittings. Only other solution would be that they refrain to change anything drastically, and that would be idiotic (the game is still “in development” after all).

Well, if they’re going to change all of the modules of a certain category to a different faction loyalty requirement, they could give us the option to change who we have our loyalty with at that level - e.g. I have legion 12, techs 11 - this should have given me both shield and armor aura generator (and some other modules) mk3 for T4, but now the shield one has changed to federation. So I can’t use it. That’s all.