I just bought some GS, need some advice on spending them..

Hi, i just bought some GS and would like to get some advice on what i should be doing with it.
I was looking to get my hand on a spatial scanner but i dont have a R12 ship to fit the top tier one on it right now, so im holding off on that untill then.

what about alien ship part? is it worth it to trade for the part and craft them? opening crate for resource to craft destroyer doesnt seem to be worth it.

Ship parts (and lootboxes in general) are a Gamble and not a great idea IMO


Buy a good premium ship of your preferred role and maybe a license. Investing in alien and crafted ships is definitely a bad idea right now unless you’ve progressed a lot and know how to fit and fly them effectively. Premium ships on the other hand are generally better with standard fits and have no repair cost + extra income (and they get extra modules not available on other ships)


Here some nice premium ships I prefer;

Scimitar, orelus, panther, spark, patriarch, berserker


Some really good ones are DLC, go figure

Buy R12 spatial and put it on R9-12 ship.

Also wait little then we will get premium ships on sale. Don’t buy bundle containers. It is better to buy parts for some ships in trade.