I.I.N Hard Copy Issue 6

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Greetings Pilots to another issue of I.I.N Hard Copy

Where you will find all your Star conflict Needs and Story’s



The principal


I. Today the mercenaries opened access to the new weapon systems. Many have already tested the device in most cases their opinions are divided. Some of the pilots are happy to receive modern military developments, and some began to complain of what used to be a better  system and that the more modern weapons are not responsible or Conventional arrangements, and that their ships with there new tools are very quickly destroyed. Innovators and conservatives staged a large-scale network battles that at some stations even degenerated into fist-fightings in bars and venues. But the police are vigilant. Participants that clashed were periodically issued warnings, but if that did not help, they were arrested and sent to a place of temporary detention.


II. This day was marked by another event. Mercenaries United Center finally commissioned a leased hangar. However, for pilot that wish to move to a new hanger a exit fee and setup fee for there new space must be paid in full before they can transfer to there new home. Parking spaces and access to the yard are available to the pilot through ETSN according to the contract. The vast majority of Pilots agreed that the price is acceptable, but some said they did not agree with this approach and require a free flight on a private first class cruise ship. Will their demands be met, this is not yet known.more to follow.




In other news

III. When loading data into the new ETSN computers some copy sections failed and as a result. Part of the data has been lost and some of the pilots were surprised to find that their contribution to the fraction was low. Leaders promised that as soon as possible they would sort everything out. Meanwhile, more and more new pilots come to the Center for clarification on the matter.



IV. In the last few days there has been many complaints from a number of pilots that afterburner engines on there ships do not give out the declared capacity. The investigation revealed that the blame for this is a old gang of scavengers merchants peeling off valves from the afterburner systems. In general, the lack of valves rarely causes problems, so it was difficult to find the crooks.

However, the capture of a gang does not mean that all the problems are solved. In place of one invariably comes another, just vigilant pilots will help to eradicate the infection. Most suffer from a similar deception newcomers who decided to save on high-quality equipment. Experienced pilots know that it is better to buy a spare part more expensive, but secure a certificate of quality.



V. Against the background of the new changes lost some problems. Thus, according to the latest data, the federation has lost a planet rich in light metals. As a result of the production system associated with the implant “beta catalyst Cheetah-II”, it has become very expensive and impractical. Producers had to switch to cheaper, but weaker counterparts. As a result, the efficiency of the system was severely damaged.



Culture News


VI. Completed Tournament “Summer Cup”. the winners


1st place -  

Evil Space Pandas

2nd place -  


3rd place -  

Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs

We congratulate the winners and wish them every success in the next tournament!


We took an exclusive interview with the commander of the winning team:


Q: What were your thoughts when you first saw the final draw of the tournament?

A: Again, the second one of the most difficult opponents as last tournament.


Q: How, in general, was the first battle? Everything went according to plan?

A: Yes, in spite of the serious opponents, everything went smoothly. Apparently, they are trained to “another fight” and did not expect us to our setup and tactics.


Q:     If it’s not a secret what was your basic tactics?

A: Calm pressure on error opponent - raid and counter-attack.


Q: Did you have to change it? If so, why?

A: The tactics had not changed, the initial setup is slightly changed due to the tactics of NOVA. I had to pick dissent and greatly increase the interaction of players in the squad. Up to the fact that in training was developed tactics, actions which were designed with a jeweler’s precision. The slightest mistake threatened disaster.


Q:     What battle was the most difficult for you? Describe it.

A: All the fights with NOVA were the most violent in the entire tournament. 


Q:     How much for you as a whole was a difficult first day of the tournament?  

A: Relatively easy. 


Q: Tell us a little about the team. You are constantly flying together in one link?

A: No. We have, contrary to popular belief, there is no rigid structure of links. Teamwork some other people we are different.


Q: What are your plans for the next tournament? 

A: Only a victory! 


Q: How do you and the organization of the tournament streams?

A: OK. There were some minor technical lining on one of the streams, but it does not matter.


Q: Are there any suggestions for the organizers of the future?

A: I personally format “May maneuvers” more like, need more men on the team, but no more than 12. In autumn people will pump T4 and arrange a tournament on this Teke.

Q: And finally say something to all participants of the tournament  .

A: Do you want to win - Train, change setups tactics. In short, experiment. Only in daily workouts born victory!


Wynnypuh, Evil Space Pandas



VII. Replenishment of “fan art” from _ StRRaNNiKK _ and  Mizantrrop


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Military news


As expected the board of Jericho was not a long one. Gathering strength Empire and the Federation went into secret negotiations to agree on a short term truce and sent their main force against the jericho Families. In The the first few days Jericho fought hard, and even got on the offensive, but to no avail. And while the heads of families continue to think about the tactical moves, Jericho gradually loses its sectors.





Wild storms covered the sector and the Forerunners, experts say, the world will never be the same again. The anomaly turned everything upside down, many have not been able to cope with it. .

The only good news is that the storm look like it will have cleared the sector in the next couple of weeks . But this is not a reason to relax because everyone knows that the weather forecasters are wrong sometimes. Remember   Star Honey   - always with you, from start to finish.




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Star Honey? lol. Need to be “StarMed”. Like “MEDical”.

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Nice! :good:

Nice! :good:







well, isnt suposed to be nice that thing? It reminds me a little bit of Eve, when they make a lot of “news” from data collected from players.

well, isnt suposed to be nice that thing? It reminds me a little bit of Eve, when they make a lot of “news” from data collected from players.


Yes… but I mean… 4 month necro or so… to say  nice! xD

LOL, havent even noticed the date.


Felt like a slowpoke now. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

LOL, havent even noticed the date.


Felt like a slowpoke now. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk