I.I.N Hard Copy and Jump Point Issue 5

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Greetings Pilots to another issue of I.I.N Hard Copy And Jump Point

Where you will find all your Star conflict Needs and Story’s

Due to Technical Difficultys Jump point Pod cast

will be uploaded Tomorrow


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  1. Tons of packages arrived at the United Mercenaries Centre today, from an unknown origin. It is rumoured to be the first part of 2 shipments. They contents are unknown, but the packages are branded with the famous CCC logo of Charles Chimici Coloranti. No one knows what the name actually represents, but this ludicrously expensive company has ties to some of the largest corporations in the galaxy. The ETSN has refused to comment on the contents of the packages, simply stating that “This idea will please the pilots who have been asking for various things over the past few months”.


  1. The ETSN continues its buying of ships and loaning them to pilots with its purchase of an Imperial Dreadnought this week. The dreadnought was stripped of all systems, weapons, shields and motors within a secure premises, along with many of her decks. It is believed there will either be upgrades to this ship, or it will be turned into some sort of space disco. IIN will continue to monitor the situation.


  1. The side effects of warp engines came under scrutiny this week. Pilots claiming to have been ‘abducted’ and placed into ships and areas light years away from their destination have linked their experiences to the use of warp drives. The coincidence cannot be coincidence, the scientists say, and they have begun asking the survivors questions and working on theories. Especially, is this a transfer of pilots, or of their consciousness? Who is causing these anomalies to occur? Some are, of course, blaming the Forerunners ( or those of them that were ‘left behind’). They claim these pocket universes are used for testing on humanity. however, there is no proof as yet.


  1. Jericho jamming technology is still progressing, with the unveiling of a new analysis system born from the unlikely combination of the a Forerunner artefact and liquid nitrogen. The artefact gave out a strong radiation pulse and shut down all lab equipment. The alloy that the artefact is made of still remains a mystery, and the jamming technology is not yet truly available in the open market. Experts believe that the device is so strong that it will crash the market within a few days of release, and have advised against mass production. The Jericho Council of Economic Families states that “They want to balance Jericho technology, not create a massive profit.”


  1. The long-range frigates of various companies are being examined for changes, thanks to an overwhelming response from pilots in a UMC survey. They all stated that the long range frigates need changing, and need to become as useful and strong as the other frigate classes available.


  1. ETSN recently received a scrawled blueprint from an anonymous pilot who has fixed a radar to a Jericho long-range missile. The supposedly female pilot is determined to have greater use for Jericho missiles.


  1. Another virus has affected the computers of the UMC Employment Centre. This one has confused the team organising mechanics of the computers, which determine which mercenaries receive which objectives and colour of call signs. The virus has been fixed, and has been destructed for analysis.





  1. The Committee of United Arts. combining the sharpest artists from Federation and Empire space, has begun buying valuable art pieces in a bid to reduce piracy in their collective areas. Tey say that those owners holding valuable pieces will be paid well to sell those pieces to the Committee.


  1. A book titled ‘Space Wolves’ has been demoed, and received mostly positive feedback. Most pilots enjoyed the story and it demo created a lot of interested amongst pilots.





  1. The Dragon Rising corporation underwent a change in faction today. Amid calls of ‘turncoat’ and ‘traitor’, they walked away from their current faction and sided with Jericho. This then led to Jericho having their highest amount of sectors to date, 22. Concurrently, NASA tried to push the Jericho offensive back, but with overwhelming support from Jericho families, they triumphed over NASA. the NOVA corporation captured a few Federation sectors and are setting up defences.









A strange cloud has been sighted in Forerunner space recently, and has appeared to stop in the midst of an unexplored sector. This unexplained anomaly has many scientist worried, and the Signal has become increasingly erratic, resulting in multiple riots amongst the Believers. No one knows the purpose of the cloud, whether it is destructive or not. But all experts agree that whatever is contained in that cloud will change many things. But always remember that no matter what changes, you’ll always have Star Honey. Star Honey - we’re always here to help.





-Lost in th housing system? No money? Take some PvE contacts with the UMC and find yourself rolling in cash! We are currently hiring Engineers to provide support and gain vital assists, all hands free! This short broadcast was compiled by UMC.




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A big Thanks to Lupus Ghostryder and Azrielle for all there help with I.I.N News And Jump Point


  1. The long-range frigates of various companies are being examined for changes, thanks to an overwhelming response from pilots in a UMC survey. They all stated that the long range frigates need changing, and need to become as useful and strong as the other frigate classes available.


Yess, that’s the best thing I could hear in the news today!

Thats why we’re here :smiley: IIN has loads of little hidden bits in it, like the bug fixes, bits of lore, and a few hints (*coughdreadnoughtcomingsoonithinknotofficialyetdontblamemecough*)



But yeah, this is why IIN is good.  Also because i do some of it. Yeah. xD

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