I.I.N Hard Copy and Jump Point Issue 4

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Greetings Pilots to another issue of I.I.N Hard Copy And Jump Point

Where you will find all your Star conflict Needs and Story’s








  1. While attempting to develop a new range of long distance communications, the Federation have developed a new state-of-the-art analyser. An exchange of technology between Federation brass and the heading Families of the Jericho faction resulted in Federation pilots seeing great potential in the jericho tehcnology.


These new systems allow constant analysis of linked, friendly ships. However, it is massively expensive to use and install; it is based upon imperial spy drone technology - the Jericho General-In-Arms refused to comment on how this was acquired - and as such non-allied ships will be unlikely to use the system voluntarily.


Furthermore - it is very expensive to actually buy. teams of pilots working together have managed to install and afford the software and its components using a rental system organised by the United Mercenary Centre. Some ships will have this software force-installed on them upon the request of the contractor.


  1. In other news, the United Mercenary Centre has closed multiple ports and departments that are non-profitable or too dangerous to continue activity. Reports of pirates has boosted black-market activity to an all time high, with various sources reporting sales of over 2 billion credits.


  1. A change to the “Debris Law” set down by the UMC has resulted in a severe reduction in the holding charges for mercenaries who collect various strata from battlefields. As of this week, the fee for holding or finding artifacts is zero credits, and zero jail time or hard labour.


  1. For a certain fee, mercenaries can now choose the sector they wish to take jobs in, due to the increase of activity in certain sectors over others. This is believed to be a ploy by the UCC to increase earnings by paying more for the busier sectors, but no comment was made.


  1. The Jericho implant WPN-FS3 came under scrutiny this week after being shown to actually reduce the functionality of certain modules, rather than improve them as is stated. This is due to the implant not being improved, but rather the components being replaced, resulting in a breakdown of quality and reaction time within the implant. Pilots are being warned to stay aware of their implant activity, and report any defect to the nearest UMC Sector Office, or contact StarMed for medical advice. Updates and fixes are under way.


6)the computer systems within the Imperial Centre for Data were attacked by a virus on Monday, with pilots having their victories ‘stolen’ from them and not having their pay transferred. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, despite the Empire being the least damaged in theis cyber-attack. The UMC has assured us that the funds will be transferred accordingly after fixing.


7)A modifying of federation technology, combined with complicated interactions of light beams, has resulted in the Vanguard Group creating a new and improved shield and armour modifiers. Currently, frigates have no way of providing the power, so a slightly reduced version made using cheaper parts was created. The Imperial Military has approved the use of the module, and it will be rolled out on Thursday at the earliest. This modules no longer are expensive hard mounted modules but cheap and disposable deployable modules that allow you to heal and repair remotely keeping your frigate out of the firing line.

The older modules will either be improved or removed entirely.





  1. Registration for the Summer Cup 2013 is closing on the 14th of July (Sunday) at 23:59 (UTC+ Moscow). This intergalactic competition is for mercenaries to prove their bloodthirsty skills under the command of various leaders, reaching for the promised awards. Fame awaits all those who participate!





  1. The Federation were Heavily active last week, pushing back against the Empire assault they had been weathering lately. The AUT corporation were a massive influence in the success, with repeated attacks overlapping with their refuelling times and not giving a Inch to the Empire fleets, not even the notorious NASA or NOVA fleets. After capturing nearly 6 sectors last week, ESB finally took a stand and ended their run. The AUT Corporation then turned its attention to Jericho, in a lightning fast attack codenamed “Bites Biceps Chimeras” . The Families hardly stood a chance.




  1. Further more, the sector Gaza WX-21 was under a massive attack while housing the Imperial Flagship. Jericho, after announcing its evacuation, seemed almost certain to lose the Sector. However, a Federation strike force managed to move into the sector and severely damage the flagship and there supply lines, right under the Imperial noses! This massively aided the Jericho pilots, who, saluting their brothers in arms against the Empire, fly in and took the sector with ease.




A quote from the Commander of the Jericho incursion (translation provided by Billioplex); “This moment is not just what historians will write. After all, the whole sector has now learned about the revival of the Federation, its new ships, and the brave pilots who are able to find and punish the enemies of freedom in any territory”


3)Reports have been turning up every where about pirates and heavily modified pirate ships these ships have been appearing all over the sectors and authorities believe it is only a mater of time before mercenary and military elites start to capture these ships and use them them selves or sell them on the black market. There will be more on this topic as details are realised.

For More Details Go [Hear](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20364-pirates/#entry207331)







The weather this week will deteriorate massively, which would tend towards some sort of cosmic disturbance. however, astronomers have denied this, seeing no evidence. One stated “I feel no disturbance in the Force” before making a strange waving motion with his hand. The man then seemed to start breathing heavily and muttering about someone called ‘Luke’.


Whatever happens, natural or unnatural, remember - StarHoney will always be there to help. Always remembers StarHoney folks!





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