I.I.N Hard Copy and Jump Point Issue 2

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Greetings Pilots to another issue of I.I.N Hard Copy And Jump Point

Where you will find all your Star conflict Needs and Storys



The principal

I. After extensive training, equipping the new wing, hiring teachers, and many others, the United Center of Mercenaries is happy to report that it will be opening its courses on the basic life of a mercenary. Experienced instructors and professionals in an unobtrusive way explain to beginners all the pleasures and problems of mercenary life. They will also tell you how to act in emergency situations and how to improve your ship. After passing the general course of instructions in your own faction you will be given a unique reference and learn to live in this world. The best and the most diligent will receive special awards, loans, premium missiles, gold standards, and more.


In other news

II. New Vanguard gates have been installed at the newly opened sector “lost outpost” which most mercenaries will be very pleased. But not without trouble, Rigid framework of the gates was needed to adjust the direction of the course, which in turn is the main feature of the new technology, which will cause some difficulties to pilots. The fact is if they fly at a certain angle, there is a random activation of the gate, and the ship and its pilot will smear on the wall. We have  already had a number of unfortunate incidents  on the reasons described above, but the pilots are still hoping that the scientists who invented the “warp gates” will come up with how to avoid these fatalities.


III. Attention pilots at the centre of the docks it appearsa gang of thieves  have banded together. While the pilot sits in a bar or prepares documents for a new departure, a group of fraudsters in the disguise of technicians sneak onto their ship and with the help of a homemade device, they can open a bank account and take a small amount of gold credits. Of course we have invented a system of protection against this, where a signal is sent and once confirmation of his bank is received it drops the connection, but the home made device allows the fraudsters to slow the signal to the thousandths of a second, allowing enough time to transfer about 200 gold credits.

However, the police say the gang has been caught a month ago and all participants received a serious punishment, and they cannot carry out such activities from prison. There are still many issues to work through, so the investigation will continue.


IV. In Space, we have found some sketches of unknown origin of a new generation of attack aircraft. The project, code-named “Buzzard” is a joint product of the Empire technicians and Jericho. They believe they have all the inherent strengths of both factions and able to create new sophisticated weapons to eliminate the federal threat. Based on the data received with the drawings it is the ship of the future, and is classified as T6, and we can expect to see more than the holographic form in the next couple of years.




So we managed to find  an older version of the rejected frigate . It is said that the mini version has not passed the pre-test and remained a dream engineer styled frigate.


V.In the territory belonging to the families of Jericho and-controlled corporations, Syndicate was accidentally discovered by a small fleet of 8 transporters. According to their documents they fly from the Earth to the capital city of Jericho. Where they ship and carry iron. But during the investigation they discovered that the holds were crammed with weapons and modules are of the highest quality, licenses are required to trade these modules, which none of the pilots seemed to have obtained.

The Investigation team detained a large batch of contraband modules and were surprised by the lack of protection they had, the direct flight route open and frank audacity of the Jericho pilots. A number of mercenary corporations patrolling the sector at the time, were called to the anti-piracy committee as witnesses in the case. The prosecutors are hoping to hold them under “consorting with the pirates,” we had federates patrol the sector of Jericho to gather more evidence, which the anti-piracy committee was not able to do. We need to find out exactly how a strange federal patrol flew away from the border into 3 sectors,with smuggled federal pilots.

Heads of families of Jericho are said to be protesting the anti-piracy committee on this matter. At the moment, federates have detained the pilots until all the nuances of the case have been solved.

Syndicate has been released on a federal ban on visiting imperial territories.


VI.ETSN  received a request  to increase the maximum number of active contracts. Which we recall that the restriction was introduced six months ago as one third of pilots said they do not have time to do all the contracts, and the remaining two thirds of pilots on the contrary had a lot of time and to do them all quickly, and then were outraged that they were unable to fly with out any contracts. A large number of pilots and small contracts has led to a shortage of jobs and nearly brought down the entire market. Discussions about contracts are being held as we speak.


Culture News

VII. We continue to gather information from all the pilots who visited or know something about the sector in 1881. At the moment, we are processing of all the layouts of the maps of this sector. Assessment of the situation will continue for another couple of weeks, and the pilots who have submitted the most accurate description of the sector will be given a reward of elite weapons and a decent amount of credits for personal expenses.


Military news

VIII. Imperial forces getting closer to the sector WX-4 - the capital of Jericho Families. Trying the old snatch and grab, only to be caught by the elite forces of the corporation Syndicate and suffered a crushing defeat. At an emergency meeting of the Defence sector, heads of families have made ​​the decision to declare the corporation Syndicate first military shield of Jericho, and as a reward pilots are assigned a personal VIP pass during their visit to Semey sector. At the moment, the corporation SYN has the largest number of controlled sectors (10) of all existing corporations fighting for the sector WX.

Not wanting to stop there, it started a major offensive on all fronts. On the west direction, with significant federal support corporations ACC and SAB in sectors WX-1, 2 and 11. On the east they managed to capture five sectors of the Empire. However, Imperial forces were cut short in the face of the corporation  NASA  , who were still able to defend one of the sectors. In general, the Empire switched to the federal front. While  NASA  has successfully resisted the advance of the federation, and violently slow progress of Jericho, giving them a moment of relief, strike forces of the Empire (  Nova  and  ESB  ), went on the offensive, taking 38 and 48 sector and successfully defended the earlier acclaimed imperial outpost in the Gaza WX-30. (See below)




Federation also is losing on all fronts and gradually recedes into the depths of their territories.

The ratio of the sectors of the Empire and the Federation, and is even at 25 a peice, while Jericho still sits at 13.


Weather forecast

This week will again be calm and quiet, but next week there may be a slight commotion in the Pandora sector, be careful. Starr Honey recommends timely visits to the clinic will save you from headaches in the direct and figurative sense and will also save you from those big pocket expenses we all try to run from. And for Some exciting news Far out in the gloom of deep space, beyond the orbit of an unknown planet lies a mysterious zone of rocky debris leftover from the birth of the sectors. Which until recently remained unexplored. But thankfully a patrol of NASA pilots we can say have reached out further into the belt of debris to find another lone structure with inhabitants. It seems to be a super lunar cafe. And much to the pilots delight they produce the best honey coated sweet rolls and mega bacon hunters baguettes. All pilots agree it was well worth the travel and they will be making the trip on a regular basis.



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