I.I.N Hard Copy and Jump Point Issue 1

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Welcome to the first IIN hard copy and Jump Point Pod cast i hope you enjoy the read and check out our pod cast this is an extract from the Russian forums and with time we hope to put the patch notes and Q and A with the devrelopers please leave some feed back and let us know what you would like us to cover each week or what you would like added to this news bulletin


PS we hope the translations will get better as time goes on as we were a bit rushed for time on this first issue

We also apolagize for the time between News feeds but the last I.I.N reporters went missing in space some time ago 

we hoped they would return but unfortulany the vacuum of space has taken its toll on there souls




Breaking News

I. In the vastness of the cosmos seen the appearance of a ghost ship of unknown origin. Ginger Centavr, nicknamed and mysterious ancient name “Flying Dutchman”, joins a group of mercenaries fighting on their side. In this case, it is a modification of the engineering ship, although it is made on a long-range frigate basis. Do not understand his motives, why would he do that? Wants to help the poor guy may have forgotten to bring an engineer? Or is he waiting for death to take away their souls and take away the very heart of a black hole? Or maybe just hates pirates and helping to destroy them? It is also not known from where he is this famous ghost ship or just an engineering modification of the ship tycoon lover, but then why he is hiding from everyone? Unfortunately in this mystery are still many questions, the answers to which we may never be know.



In other news

II. In one of the most prestigious flight schools, gave a lecture one of the veterans of space exploration. SarkaniR in its report entitled “Foundations of tactics in PvP for beginners” on “how to ensure the team to victory in PVP” said young drivers about some of the secrets of doing battle command, what to do and how to act in certain situations and why it is so.


Report can be found hear LINK



III. We have received information that at the request of mercenaries, a special research department Vanguard decided to put a new military gantry systems security applied in the sector in 1201 in the area known as “the abandoned outpost,” to mobile acceleration gates. However, this has caused a number of difficulties. These gates were to consume as much energy to be installed, that it is not enough even for energy-tanker frigate, besides the price of this technology has increased the cost of the gate dozens of times. Scientists are already working on a cheap and cost-effective analog of new systems, but as they say, “… there was little hope, and the result, not in the next few weeks, it will not be.” Military argue that they are unnecessary and no security system, trained experienced pilot will always be able to properly and correctly use the device, and the dissent, it is advised to go to flight school to undergo re-training.



Culture News

IV. Mercenaries guide United Center issued a new memo pilot, which details the roles of the ship. There contain the basic knowledge necessary for each pilot, on this aspect. To read this article please click here.

Been previously submitted another article in this series. It discusses the characteristics of different roles, hidden from the documentation capabilities of ships, of which the pilots, especially beginners, either did not know or did not want to analyze the situation on their own. [LINK ](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20048-ship-roles-in-star-conflict/#entry203334)


V. One of the pilots decided to take on the job of remaking tips for beginners, but it offers and the examples of changes did not meet much enthusiasm from the community.


VI. Sensational message from one of the scientists. He argues that we are living inside a black hole. How? where he get that? that was smoking and why it decided? If you are interested in details can read about it here. But after reading a good think about it, and yet he may be right.




Sports News

VIII. A few days ago the sporting competition between clans Evil Space Bears (ESB) and Dno plus Sky (Star). Whether the command ESB confused, or did not know how to fight, but this entire fight can be characterized by the phrase commentator “Tolley they overtures defense, or decided to merge into one.” ESB to the middle of a battle lost a lot of pilots in spite of the devastating account still able to regroup and carry out a number of successful turning 0-5 20-10, but in the last seconds Star still grabbed a second lighthouse and won the battle.

The following ESB aggressively attack and simply crushed the confused Starov several blunders that cost them lost battle.

In the fourth bout Star did replacement pilots taking Syndicate to his team, but it did not help. ESB convincing victory with a score of 3-1. Why Star lost can be a long talk, but experts say they are let down command and the most common mistake Star’ov, stretching into the wide front on the entire map.

View recording of this battle and assess all by yourself, you can here.



Military news

IX. Joined a few days ago to battle Corporation Syndicate powerful and fast fist struck two punch (on the map in red.) The first blow fell on the northern route to the Empire, retaining imperial forces led by NASA, could not resist such an attack and passed sector-by-sector, and for unknown reasons, while the attacking Imperial forces ESB did not want or were not able to help his comrades in arms. The second shot hit the southern direction of Jericho by the federation. Jericho forces cut off the part of the federal sector of the supply isolating them and taking in the siege.


But the Empire managed to mobilize new forces. Nova Corporation launched a fierce counter attack by the South toward Jericho and was able to achieve the same success. At the same time, calculating that force Jericho weakened due to the sudden loss of activity of a shock Corporation, NASA switched to a fierce attack by taking away not only captured the Syndicate territory, but also a part of the former Sectors Jericho, and picked right up to the metropolitan sector, in which currently based 4th ship Semey “Wrath of the Bartle.”




X. All the while, Federated strike forces were concentrated on the north and they succeeded. Part of Jericho was captured sectors. After capture, the forces were immediately deployed to break through the blockade of the controversial sector WX-20. Next Federated strike force DYN tried to rob the Empire and its former sector WX-30, but met fierce resistance and retreated, finding that breaking the blockade they performed the most important task. Turning to the southern front Federation bombed Wx-48 and WX-47. Having failed to break 48, they seized 47 cutting off defenders.


Federation is slowly but surely coming from the southwest, and the Empire of faster, more powerful and frequent blows from the east. Jericho has lost almost all of its territory, controlling for the moment only 7 sectors. And if it goes on like this, after a week of Jericho will be completely forced out of the sector.







The weather is clear, the expectations of forecasters did not materialize, and all anomalies were round. Next week might be a plasma clouds in the Thar, but in general everything is rosy. However, even in this The burden should not forget about Star Honey, you never know what awaits you around the next asteroid or a lone pack of Torpedo frigates. Star Honey hastens to please their loyal customers that is soon going to essential services to reduce the cloning, insurance, implantation and treatment of fractures. Star Honey - this is not only cheap, but also angry, you’ll have a long time to remember.




  • Hurry while interceptions are not crawled.

  • Hurry, hurry …

  • Well, you’re the bomb under ozverina, gravity accelerator and reset enemy stasis, straight wild unstoppable racer.

Just-imbalanced - always the most recent bomb you at the lighthouse


A special thanks to all the guys on the Russian forums for there great work on getting this out every week I look forward to working with them to bring you the latest news in the future


AWESOME!!! :)wt

I love it when a plan comes together… :smiley:

Oh yeah, and might I add what Tealc said, we’ll be adding to this and polishing it up in the next few weeks! So it’ll be pro pretty soon :smiley:

Better than Uhmari’s :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, and might I add what Tealc said, we’ll be adding to this and polishing it up in the next few weeks! So it’ll be pro pretty soon :smiley:

Double rainbow…waht does it mean?=)

ozverina => “beast-o-whelming” or similar to beast + overwhelming.

Lighthouse => beacon.

very good job! :slight_smile:

Excellent work, Tealc. Spreading the love to the English side. My thanks!

OK Pilots getting ready for the next issue of Jump Point and Hard copy so if there are any Corps that want a recruitment Advert put in let me know ether send me a script and i will make one for you or send me one you have made and i will add it i want to have 2 or 3 ads in every pod cast 

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thanks for your support and ideas i want to get a really informative pod cast out each week not just a news feed

would love to hear the devs say something. dont even have to be Q&A - just whatever they feel like telling their fans

would love to hear the devs say something. dont even have to be Q&A - just whatever they feel like telling their fans

Oh, they are very shy, so do count on it in closest time( You can hear Akaurl on event stream ^^).

You can make CSL and Event advertisng eather.