I.I.N. Edition 14(26) from 5013.04.04


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Breaking News

I. After many centuries of foreboding, the long expected fear has manifested into reality. "Artificial Intelligences”, known as Bots, have revolted! Operating in all galactic corners of the Universe, the Artificial Intelligences have taken hostages, and have even resorted to capturing space stations. More Updates on the subject are coming soon.

II. Recently, sectors have become violent and unstable. There are inexplicable phenomena and anomalies constantly arising and disappearing in the region. The Anomalies were found only three weeks ago and a team of experts were immediately dispatched to survey the primary place of emergence. Something amazing was found! Frequent travel through the systems has spawned endless amounts of signals which stirred a communications block for military vessels in the sector. The escalation of these signals have intensified the anomalies causing an increase of radiation. For three weeks scientists have investigated the anomalies to study the new type of radiation to find ways to neutralize it, but have had little success. As a result, travel and communications in the sector has been blocked by military vessels to render the anomalies inert. However the high powered beacon signals in the region are to strong to be shut out completely by military jamming technologies causing the anomalies to still remain fully active.

Mercenaries and other vagabond travelers were given orders that upon entering such a system communications were to be kept to a minimum, and they were only to transmit should they require rescue from allied forces. Distress beacons were dropped to express how dangerous the system is as a second transmission could cause the anomalies to react in a violent way, killing anyone in the sector. Therefor only one distress signal can be launched per galactic cycle.

III. This Cycle the Federal company "Cardboard & Glue” took an unprecedented step. They began to sell the manufactured ships fully equipped, at what seemed to be the same price of unequipped ships. This move almost bankrupted their competitors “wild demand” and removed almost all other manufactured from the scene., lacing "Cardboard & Glue” as the leader of ship manufacturing in the galaxy today. As a result in little more then a week, all other competitors have resulted in prefabricated ship sales. Economic experts say that this unusual decision made by the small companies brought the market on sales of the ships to a whole new level.


To other news

Analysis of the performance of a new technological advancement in ships technologies has been completed. Allegedly the fifth generation of frigate ships has shown its superiority in strength in fire power, but gave way to its obvious inferior speed and mobility (compared to current counterparts). These facts were stated by an ambiguous source, which has received no official confirmation.
A recent notice of a galactic violation of the commonly known “Pulsar” module has forced the operation mode to be changed. The newly updated version of the module causes the loss of control upon activation. A number of experts suggests the newly changed module will lose its lethal factor, which may render frigates to be less of a threat on the battlefield.

V. Several stations report about problems of storage of property of pilots. It has been noticed that pilots renting out space on the stations are just leaving their property around to collect dust. The clutter of storage goods has caused the stations manager to be unable to keep track of the goods, causing a loss in property to pilots. The station manager requests that pilots not using their property sells it off, to clear up station storage space.

VI. Disturbing news: from competent sources in scientific institutes of Federation. it has became known there is a malfunction with the “Chameleon” Cloaking device. With a high frequency of use the generators optical illusions on attack planes like “Wolf”, malfunction causing various parts of the ship to become visible, which leads to visual disappearance of separate parts of the ship, degradation and other optical illusions on yet other parts. Many pilots are concerned, that they may walk into the loading hanger to find their ship invisible and inaccessible. Scientists and Engineers are working hard to resolve the problem.

VII. In recent events, Marauders in neutral systems have taken a notice to shipyards and defenseless space stations, specifically those near large space objects, like planets and moons., “They aren’t really any threat“ says one military official and adds “trade only in collecting fragments after skirmishes”. However, recently, similar gangs so became lethal and are not afraid to c lay siege to heavier more defended targets. These groups have proven themselves dangerous after a recent capture of a high-valued trade facility. Security forces a “shoot first” policy when encountering these bandits. The Local law enforcement requests all parties spotting these trespassers to report any and all information to relevant offices or branch locations

VIII. In Other corners of the galaxy there is an increasing frequency of self-educated persons. Their “ingenious” ideas are accepted by many to be a real technical revelation and an engineering marvel In reality however they are nothing more then delusional vagabonds, w which under fantastic theoretical bases there is absolutely nothing credible to their idea’s, except desire to find doubtful glory and to earn large lump sum of credits the scientific community and institutions strongly recommend not to take seriously messages on the ingenious ramblings made in informal settings or other such atmospheres. after all, rather talented and ingenious scientists already work for the benefit of their factions and don’t need similar cheap self-advertisement.

IX. A week ago the Conference of the Organizations of the United Fractions (OUF) was held. Representatives of the Empire, Jericho and FSM sat down to discuss prospects of development of the relationships. In this meeting the “convention of fighting ethics” as addressed and directed its attention to a decrease of military conflicts arising in neutral territories. One of the major points of of disputes sparked a large debate over galactic contracts by OUF. The Present bill concludes that contracts can only be completed by pilots of the respected factions. The bill was directed on stopping “black” sale of the ships to pirates. Also servers as a restriction to ship sales. Representatives of the various private corporations providing services of the mercenaries, spoke categorically against changing this, however Debate proceeds. More to come soon.

X. On another note, one of the purposed changes at the conference was published. The new plan is to allow cross faction contracting, but the decision uncertain.Also, at the conference was published the new plan of all-galactic development and cooperation of all fractions

XI. Yesterday the last of a remaining parts of a virus which brought economic ruin to some sectors a few weeks ago and nearly destroyed all of a players population, was resolved. These errors where known to interfere with targeting computers specifically the ones that calculate weapons trajectories. Scientists have spoken briefly and “are sure the issue has been resolved”. Uniform Center a a branch office for Mercenaries, has opened up in a new sector of a galaxy. Specially designed and constructed for the use of mercenary personal. 



Culture News
XII. Talented pilot StRRaNNiKK continues to please us with the magnificent works








Military news
XIII. In the Pandora sector there was a collision of representatives of DR, RED and ESB corporations with association of shock squadrons of SYN and SKY
Shortly after forces arrived in the sector there pursued a long firefight, and both bombs were installed by the first team After a long period of defense, one of the groups managed to learn the approach tactics of the rival force, and managed to capture one of the EMP bomb devices, and the destruction of an enemy beacon. For the most part of the remainder of the conflict passed in small skirmishes in attempt to even the odds; In time an engagement took place which resulted in one side having heavy losses. The second team having taken away a bomb I carried it on to allied territory, but, at the price of incredible efforts and life of the frigate-hero, the rival forces managed to steal the explosive and destroy the rivals remaining beacon

Weather forecast
The influence anomalies grow stronger and stronger. Every day and moment we grow closer and closer to that day when everything can turn upside down. Enjoy the world around because tomorrow it can change to something unrecognizable. On another note don’t forget to update your insurance in Star Med. 

post-238381-0-26118600-1365049903.pngStar Med is not only is cheap, but also is angry, you will remember us for a long time.


You bothered to press sadly virtual buttons and turn over a page look? Are you tired from routine work? Then we have a magnificent offer for you! A new program of communications has been developed by the UCM. With the new system you can enjoy faster response times, and more accurate responses from your system.

This new program is fully automated and will pick up a task by itself, according to capabilities your ship, your status, and the rates of your piloting skill. All only by activating this new automated system.

Hurry and upgrade your system today for the low price of 5.000.000 credits, and we will provide you with an additional upgrade. This new additional program was created by experienced pilots and research teams, knowing about war firsthand. The new program was created to improve your fighting ,through interface upgrades which display markers of out-of-sight targets in an engagement zone. Remember, Return customers of Star Med receive all programs absolutely free!


Sorry for being a translation-nаzі:


Breaking News
II. Sectors of Forerunners are unstable and изменчивы


[fickle; volatile; unstable; vagrant; erratic]

IMO, collision is not the most comprehensive translation of “столкновение”.
IMHO, these better reflect the meaning: encounter; confrontation; skirmish; engagement.


I have finished the revisions. They should be active shortly.

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