I.I.N. Edition 13(25) from 5013.03.28

Independent Intergalactic News - the most interesting news are with us.

We are glad to tell you that I.I.News now will go in this sector of a galaxy.



About the main thing
I. Grandiose opening of Jericho scientists marked a new era in development of missile armament. Technologists received a new alloy of metals and, moreover, could combine it with the crystal material, applied in case coverings. On the basis of this opening they created new rocket poles which take less place, and as a result increase a stock of rockets of the ship a little. At present rearmament of all military ships of all parts of the conflict is already begun. It is expected that new poles will arrive on the market soon.

II. The other day the Emperor acted with speech to the people in which reported about heavy times for the Empire and asked all citizens to start saving power - and bio - resources. The special law was developed for army - “about sparing measures of economy”. At present under this law extremely gluttonous medium figters of the Empire got. Their average service life is smallest of all existing imperial ships, allegedly because of frequent use of the “overdrive” which is quickly wearing out all systems.

III. After few months of judicial proceedings about legality of the ban imposed by UCM on Jericho generators of power compensation, the private company “Children of the Nirvana” belonging to one of Families, could win process. Now on attack planes of Jericho again will return old, more powerful generators which allow to absorb part of a damage entering on a shield. Let’s remind, earlier they were forbidden because of the of radiation, harmless level for Jericho’s people, but very dangerous to the others. Now the pilot who is sitting down in an attack plane of Jericho, will be compelled or to put additional protection against radiation, or to fly at own risk. The galactic conglomerate of the medical companies “Star Med” already began registration of new types of the insurance focused just on such pilots.


To other news
IV. The new alloy opened by Techs, appeared, without exaggeration, great opening. In total in half of week the best minds of Federation together with scientists of Jericho could adapt it for use in the magnetic accelerating coils increasing speed of flight of a working body and being an important element of all plasma and railguns. However it was succeeded to make it only partially. For a number of reasons, connected with an overheat to install new coils it turned out only on long-range modifications.

V. Scientists of Federation managed to adapt opening of Techs for small objects. On the carried-out tests the autonomous pair drones used by the heavy ships of Federation, showed serious increase in an energy output and a gain of destructive power. Transport workers with new power contours and chips already are on a way to shipyards. After passing of electrotechnical examination and certification installation of new circuits will begin.

VI. UCM, at last, got permission to delivery and installation of new modules of communication. Negotiations with Federation and coordination of all documents with manufacturing firm took some months. But now, thanks to new types of subspatial transfer, the signal sent by the pilot, will always reach all allied ships. It is extremely actual in aggressive sectors of Forerunners where multiple unknown signals and anomalies interfere in general with any communication.

VII. Military hackers of Federation developed the program which allows to calculate a site of the bots spies attached on the ship and to define an impulse necessary for their destruction. This procedure takes a lot of time, but less than old methods of fight against spies.

Despite the hard times endured by the Empire, her scientists could think up the adequate answer to the federal invention. Scientists created a special type of bots with additional functions. Now they not simply transmit through a subspace a signal to all allied ships about the location, but also destroy other bots hostile to them.

VIII. The latest Jerycho’s discovery mentioned almost all spheres of life of almost all inhabitants of a galaxy. So, for example, the new alloy allowed to reduce the price of a number of components of production of the Emergency board that reduced its prime cost in times. However it affected its operating time. As this child of joint development of Federation and Jericho, the Family insisted on refusal of reduction in cost to please efficiency. However the Federation which is engaged in production of devices, in a categorical form refused to transfer it back to the old plan. As a result it caused splash of indignation among the Families which representatives declared that Jericho won’t suffer such address and won’t forgive willfulness Federation in relation to their invention.



Culture news
IX. undressed of the space - net, “fun-art” replenished with new works of talented photographers and artists. Here most popular of them.






Military news
X. Some time ago in a point known as ice reef, in an orbit of the gas giant, there was an interesting skirmish. The team of small links of SKY, RED, CZ and ESB opposed COMFY and ALPHA.
The second team at the very beginning of fight undertook attack on all beacons at once and could take both lateral beacons (B and C) but, because of distribution of forces on all sector, central couldn’t take. Striking force of the first team undertook a tactical move of shift the front to a point of a varp-exit of the enemy. At this time main forces of the second group successfully attacked extreme to B beacon, the truth having given the only beacon. After a while they repeated the same operation with the lost beacon, but with the same sad result. As a result without having managed to break off this vicious circle, striking powers of COMFY and ALPHA were compelled to recede from sector.



Weather forecast
Weather, as always, brought weather forecasters and wasn’t entered in their plans. Last Thursday the unknown radio emission covered all sectors of Forerunners. Generally it isn’t dangerous, however leads to failure of the equipment working at the same frequency. Fortunately, almost it didn’t affect anybody, however the advanced Imperial systems of disintegration suffered. The matter is that the generator of the additional impulse sent to the purpose at a shot from a disintegrator, just works at this frequency. Radiation suppresses operation of the generator because of what so called “bonus” effects of this device don’t work. But even if you don’t fly by Empire frigates, surely visit Star Med. After all while anybody precisely doesn’t know to what will lead long contact of an organism with this radiation. Star Med is not only is cheap, but also is angry, you will remember us for a long time.



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