I hugely bug

Hello, today I want to ask you how it’s done not to bug? I have all the time 20 IPS maximum, and I really want her set, thank you for helping me by taking screenshot of your parameters, I will show my parameters:




Thanks for your help


PS: sorry if I did not put this topic at the right place.



Could u put the ss again but only in English?  :001j:

post your DxDiag.txt

It’s called lag, not bug, my friend.

Increase “FPS limiting” slider, otherwise you wont get more than 30.

He is talking he has 20FPS max, not 30. At that resolution I think he has something like Intel GPU or something. Even my netbook can go 1280x720 @ 25-35FPS and it’s 4 years old Brazos…

Try turning graphics option to low