I have 6th campaign mission called ,, BY THE BOOK,, and it says that i will see blue exclamation mark in the open space but there is no exclamation mark and i dont know what to do or if it is bug. Please help me THANKS


This one is actually just bad timing - as you do not have a lot of the open space locations unlocked you can’t see a lot of the timed tasks that spawn. So unfortunately you may need to wait 4 hours or so (or just check tomorrow) to find one in an available location in order to complete the quest.

You may already know this, but it might be a good idea to mention it.  I notice you have 211 xenochips.  The game only allows you to store 300 xenochips max.  Anything earned after that is discarded.


You must complete 3 daily Open Space’s quests. Wait a same time and quests will offered.