I give up on the contests

Nah jk, I do all the contests when I see an announcement for it, too bad they don’t put announcements in the game anymore, except that 1/30 times they did for the last one that’s currently up, and also I didn’t do them while I was locked out of my account for like a year… but anyway, lmao these rewards wtf? pHT3VTeh.jpg

how many times do they think I will fall for this… every time? (Because if they think I will fall for it every time in the slight chance of actually getting it, they are right)


I feel that. The photo contest seems like it would be worth it if I could edit the pic, but I have zero merch outside of that t-shirt I won ages ago and my setup is on a shelf in a small carpeted room that is anything but impressive.


And these minor contests with the potential thaklen 17 are just a scam tbh. Sure you might get monos or some gs but you’ll never ever get the gun.

Take picture with green shirt -> edit = $$$

You can also have the game in the picture, I have a fun idea about it but might not have the props here.