I cant sleep if u dont answer this

I understand that “rank or tier” system as, the higher = better

then why people make rank 8 destroyers? why not 14? thats first question, I just want to know because I play wot before and tier 10 are better than tier 5, I guess Its the same here then why people waste time making rank 8 ships?

second one

should I buy a premium ship? some rank 15? or try to unlock those from trophy after pvp?

last one

Its ok if I equip every ship, upgrade them to purple and then buyu another? should I use the modules in the new one? I do that till tier 5, then its quite expensive

3m for a tier 7 to equip x10 30m, no thx

extra: is there a limit in the storage? Im at 650 atm clearence lvl 12

actually I am at rank 8 engineer.


  1. Rank 8 destroyers are substantially cheaper to manufacture, refit, repair, and acquire or buy modules for. They’re less than half the price, but 80% as good.

They can also participate in PvE Skirmish without getting absolutely obliterated by T5 laser-focused AI that will fight you 5v1 and kill you in 3 seconds.


  1. Personally I remove all modules when I’m done with a ship, there’s simply not enough space in the warehouse to have all ships outfitted (Unless fitted modules don’t count? I’m pretty sure they do.)


  1. I haven’t upgraded to the cap myself, but I suspect it goes as high as 1500-2000 or thereabouts. Someone else will need to answer that one since I never got the max warehouse DLC

Max warehouse DLC has 2500 slots for items.


R8 Destroyers are also a good way to get familiar with specific factions before buying R11/R14 ones. Each faction destroyers are extremely different from each other. Also, R8 destroyers are useful for T3 Spec Ops.


SC is not like WoT and difference in ranks is not that extreme. For example R12 ships are only little weaker than R15 ships, but still, ranks touch mainly HP, shields and energy, the rest is mainly the same. In few gamemodes stats of all ships are boosted to R17, so all ships can have an equal chance. Of course there are still items which are also limited by rank. Keep in mind that for example R12 fully upgraded item will be better than :white"(unupgraded) or “green” R17 item.


After getting to top ship ranks you won’t be using low rank ships anyway, however getting ships to maximum level gives you higher bonus chance for getting second container when opening one.



what drives me up the wall is go up a rank and ships have worse performance I still rather my [Nightingale][Critical counter 9][‘Turing’ simulation module 9] over [Berserker] as what Unique mods does it have ?? and its slower … 

On 5/4/2019 at 11:21 PM, lvanchu said:

I understand that “rank or tier” system as, the higher = better

This is not true, it’s just different.


There is a separation in PvP and PvE by rank ranges, i think last time the separation was something along the lines of 1-10 and 10-17, with 10 overlapping in both based on Match Maker, but devs change those ranges one in awhile, so maybe off by a rang or two