I can not activate the Oculus Rift


How are you !! I want to activate the ‘’ Oculus Rift ‘’ mode in the game menu but I pass the mouse pointer over the activation box and can not check the option is locked, I have the Oculus Rift on but I can not play it, they would say if I have to change some parameter in Steam? What steps do I have to follow to play in VR ?, activate steam vr but it does not work either






Oculus is a bit outdated so i doubt you will have it up and running atm.


it has nothing to do that is a DK2, it works just like a CV1, only it has no movement controls, it is used with joystick, I think it does not understand virtual reality !! I want to know how it is activated in the game star conflict

Sorry, but we should remove maintenance DirectX9 for get compatibility with Oculus Rift. We don’t gonna it.