I buy color.. But i didnt get it

I buy colour black for Harpy … I have it … But i unequip this color on normal and next day is lost and i didnt have it. He cost me 120GS and i lost for nothing. Help me please moderators and admins. Thank you please Admins go to look on my LOG and you see it in here.

1.) create a full bug report

2.) you unequipped the paint and therefore it was lost

3.) stop complaining and deal with it

Naa, be nice starcoaster. So the thing is, if you buy a color for a ship that is not permanent. Every time you buy a new paint the previous will be lost. There are exceptions like special paints, free paints, or DLC paint jobs. These can be used multiple times on any ship.

Thank you

 When i know it, I didnt buy  color or not switch another colour. Please LOCK this post.

Where i buy Pyints pack or DLC paint jobs.

It is not a bug.

In the game you not to buy a color, you buy the paint service for your ship.

You should to pay every time when you change ship’s art and/or color.