I am unable to build Taikin ship

At beginning I didnt wanted to write, but since this problem occurs, I decided to do so.
Like in the title, I am unable to build Taikin, because all the time I get parts which I dont need (parts above those needed to production).
Please, can somebody help me somehow? Because I dont know what to do and exceed parts I cant trade because there is too many people selling same stuff.


There is not much you can do. If you are in corp or you have friends with the same issues, you can ask for exchange in case you have some GS at least.
If you buy stuffs from each other, you only lose the tax on each item so only 30GS per trade.

It’s because these are RANDOM containers that drop RANDOM loot instead of what you actually need. This forces players to use their AWFUL “trading” market system.  It’s a brilliant tactic by the devs but it’s surely the devil’s work when it comes to pilots who can’t pay to trade parts.

43 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

devs but it’s surely the devil’s work


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xDDDDD that’s more funny than that memes from contest  ![:005j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005j.png “:005j:”)

Tai’kin cabin hull parts just refuse to drop. i have plenty of everything else. i will just keep grinding, i have more time than money.

Keep playing and trying. I got one today and another player from my corp got 3 cabin hull parts today. After the event devs say we still get parts for the cabin from iridium containers.

You mean those 300 iridium containers that more often than not just give you 2 xenocrystals?
Haha no.

9 minutes ago, Weylin29651 said:

You mean those 300 iridium containers that more often than not just give you 2 xenocrystals?
Haha no.

 If even xenos. More often than not it’s hella useless unsellable dessy module parts.

Or maybe those conntainers will cost 500 iridium. Who knows? It wasn’t announced yet. The points is we will get more time after this event.

Well the parts will “technically” still be available, you’ll just never see one again because the drop rate is so low.

And you’ll be required to fly R15 in order to even get the chance to find them.

I finally got Taikin, by exchanging parts with corp members.

I have to say when I got to point, where except Xenocrystals I must to collect some other resources to be able to level up my ship I am very disappointed now.
Its just too much to work for one ship to be able to level up, and Im thinking of stopping playing this game because resources requirements like this its juts ridicuolus.
If at least I could get this crate giving resources while playing taikin, but I MUST have ship in slot with highest possible rank, which unables me to play taikin - this simply means “you have to play other ships, to be able to use your favourite” - this is even worst.

Anyways thanks to all who tried to help me somehow.