Hunt the invisible ship

It’s time for a new mission mercenaries!

One of the prototypes of a secret ship was stolen. Now it’s your task to bring it back or to destroy it. We can’t disclose the details of the ship, but you will have a hard time to track it. It was last seen in [Insert Sector Name here].

Destroy the Jaguar ship OR(if you can implement it sooner or later)
Capture the ship and bring it back

Details of the ship:
Jaguar(Secret Project Ship from federation)
Special Module: The one with 15s CD and 7s Invisibility
Layout: Dev will find it out(somehow or just ask experienced players)

The ship will be marked as a target as soon you will enter the sector it was last detected. But it will cloak so you lose this trace and fly out of the sector like transporters - especially cyber ones - do. So be fast and/or bring the right equipment to hunt this ship.

Behavior of the Ship: Escaping. Use of special module to cloak.
If catched while special module is on CD, but not cloaked, it will defend itself against it attackers(but only if in close range <2km), else again trying to escape.

Simple and good OS mission here.