Hunt the Community Staff




A new bounty has been set up on all Gms, Cms, Testers, Translators, Moderators and Devs. It was reported, that these individuals can be found in custom battle on certain occasions. They are armed and highly dangerous, we recommend not to go there on you own but bring your corporation members and mates as well. Don’t miss this chance, there will be a reward for the best bounty hunters!


Time and date:



  • All ships, modules and weapons are allowed. The stronger, the better.

  • Ranks: 13-15.

  • Game mode: Custom Battle - Detonation, Capture the Beacon, Beacon Hunt, Team Deathmatch. (Each game mode will be played 1-3 times)

  • Server: EU


  • The best pilot of each team gets a reward

  • You can only get one reward. If you are two times or more on first place, the second player wins

  • Reward: 1500 GS!  

Let the hunt begin!



The record delivered by Xofjsa.