Hull regeneration question

Are alot of peeps using it ? or do you have the feeling like me that its kinda, meh, for in fights.


As a regeneration, to use on a interceptor, jump in, fight, jump out regenerate, its ok but almost taking too long to regenerate to full…


When you use the afterburner the effect dissipates, so usually you wont notice it, and will be better off to stack resist or more hull hp.


is this working as intended?

it seems kinda useless to me, not enough for high HP ships, always turning off while in afterburners.


Whats your experience with the regeneration plates ?

Afterburner dissipates regeneration or wat?

ye, when ur just flying around its on full regeneration, but when you start to use the afterburners the effect will wear off.

It takes like 4+ secs to fully dissapear, but still really annoying, especialy using in interceptors or fighters.


So when you know you will use the afterburner alot, it doesnt have alot use to take it . toobad tho


they should make a message about that in the info.

i have done some testing: your energy level affects the regenerative coating…if the energy level drops below a certain value the system will stop working,