Hull Mod Regen not Working?

im trying using Hull Mod that enable my ship automaticaly recovery as Passive… in field test, foundout my ship hull doesnt get any repair effect at all for entire combat…

is this mod bugged or there’s some special requirement before the mod effect kick in?

I also noticed that. Perhaps it just increases the hull regenaration rate for the fighter.

i’ve used it on interceptors - it works, but is far too slow(like… 1 hp per 10 seconds or so)

mine doesnt at all… maybe i should try stay put somewhere hidden… not mention habit for fricting with asteroids…

Interceptor and Frigate dont have natural regeneration of hull and if there is no regeneration to buff, it wont work at all. Only Attack Ship can profit from this mod but i rather use Hull Plating to get the armor. ^^

no wonder…herg… time to slap resist on my interceptors then…

wait… can someone confirm if this mod regen works on frigate that giving repair Aura?? (Remote Repair Module)

/fixed on the new patch. Topic closed.