Huge amounts of lag, and connection error when trying to play skrimish matches

Ever since I purchased the custodian I have been having multiple errors within the game. For example I will connect to a skrimish match, and during the skrimish match I will have a screen pop up before lagging out that explains (connection lost: connection error) My network is fine, and I am not using anything that would obstruct my connection. It was fine a few hours ago, but then right after I bought the custodian ship dlc I started having serious network/connection errors when trying to play the game in skrimish mode. I have some lag in missions, but just today I had no issues at all. I am not sure if its an issue on my side, or if it is an issue on the game client side. Although every skrimish match I have gone into has left me with a connection error, and I have been removed from the match.

Please read this