HUD Settings not reflected on all ships

I have attached an archive file containing 4 images.


One Image is the HUD settings I use.

Note the style of cursor I prefer.

The style is the classical targeting type, circle with crosshairs in the middle.


Next three images are of different ship types I have.


One is a Jericho IRA DEUS.   At no point does the circle portion of the HUD show on the cursor.  Just the crosshairs.


Another image is showing a Jericho LANCE ship at Mendez Dock.   Again the HUD shows only the crosshair, not the circle.


The third image shows a Jericho DAGGER AE just out of hanger behind a transport.

It is an INTERCEPTOR class of ship and it shows the correct HUD configuration in the options.


I have some Empire and Federation ships also and only the Interceptors seem to reflect the correct HUD configuration.   Other classes of ships drop off the circle and only show the crosshairs.


It doesn’t effect logic or sighting since the crosshairs is what is aligning the targets but is there some reason why the HUDs are different based on Ship Class?  Only Interceptors are reflecting the true user selection from the options.




Now it better not be the reason of “well, the developers prefer to use interceptor class ships in debug and testing and oops…they have never cloned in all the full sight HUD logic in the others so they’ve never noticed this “visual” before” ----  (*grins* Knowing how developers are)


If it is a case of missing lines of code for the circles, then as its being reviewed and corrected, can a feature be added to have three color options instead of just two?


Currently SIGHT TYPE and CROSSHAIR TYPE share the same color setting as SIGHT COLOUR (“Color” wording for USA so there is a wording correction for the panel also.  Current spelling is European English, not American English if USA Language is active.).


LEAD MARKER COLOUR (Color) has its own color.


The third new color would be to have CROSSHAIR TYPE setting have its own Color setting.  


Ideally I wanted a Green Circle (SIGHT TYPE), Red Crosshairs (CROSSHAIRS TYPE) and Yellow Leading marker (LEADING MARKER)  Since the SIGHT and CROSSHAIRS share the same color one can only have 2 and not 3 so I have them both set to Yellow since the circle and crosshair have to share a color.

[HUD Target](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9851)

I think the different cross-hairs you see are because the cross represents the middle and the circle represents the spread of the weapon. No spread no circle.

You will see with weapons like heavy blaster or plasma gun that you will get an increasing or decreasing circle as the spread changes with prolonged fire.

Not a bug

The radius of aim circle is depend of current weapon’s dispersion. If dispersion is zero then you can’t look the circle.

And where was THAT documented?   lol.

Okay, I understand.