Howdy folks.

Welps.  It would appear, from all the threads I’ve been reading, that I chose an interesting time to start downloading this game.  Long-time gamer here.


From what I have read…I like the potential the game has.  Time to try it out.  ;)wt

Welcome to the game. Dont mind all the ragers and QQers, they tend to get annoying. 


Looking forward to shooting you down.



i guess you’ll have much fun if you don’t mind a bit of grinding. you start with the new “rules” so you don’t know how much better it was before :stuck_out_tongue:

I appear to have inadvertently added a level of difficulty to my upcoming experience…everything is in russian?   :lol:


((ETA))  Nvm…figured it out.  :)wt

you should change the language in the launcher. the whole thing is (or was, haven’t played a while *cough*) in english :slight_smile: