How works a corp?

I´m Ace and my friends and me make a new corp. But we don´t how works, what beneffits we have, etc… Anyone can help me?

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I´m Ace and my friends and me make yesterday a new corporation. But we don´t know how works, what beneffits we have, etc. i tried to find information but i couldn´t. Anyone can help me??

Thanks a lot and God saves de Bacon!

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As far as I can tell, being in a Corp allows you to ‘pick a side’ in sector conquest and contribute to those battles to gain/control territories. Likewise, Corp members always fight for their Corp’s selected side regardless of which contracts you have selected. This is really nice if you have a group of friends that likes to swap contracts and play squad as Sector conquest requires all squad members to be part of one of the sides in the conflict. Of course, you could always just queue Arcade instead of Sector Conquest.


And of course, you can see your Corp members status, get ranked on the boards for PvP, PvE, etc.