How to unlock ships easier for a new f2p player?

Hello everyone,

I am a new player in Star Conflict, level 7, and was wondering what is the easiest way for a f2p player to unlock new ships? I noticed that going into open space I can get e.g. 2 vanadium or some of the other ores, but looking at the ship requirements like lets say Mjolnir it will take quite a lot to get all the needed materials. Are dailies a good idea? I am most likely missing something, so would really appreciate if you can give your suggestions :slight_smile:

If you click the hourglass icon, you have temporary contracts/tasks, some of them reward you with materials such as impure silicon etc Doing this everyday is a good way to stack on ressources.

you can find a lot of all stuff you need in open space, with asteroids…you have to heat them until they are molten, then find a rate of fire so you don’t let them cool or explode. you can have 4 loots max,
5 with the Mole. (r16 féderation) and they are cargo drones in open that you can put all your full cargo. good luck :slight_smile:

old map but drones are still here

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leveling ship to unlock, and farm rich asteroids or pirate fort to earn some credits and buy it, if want craf earn some pve medal and sell it them buy supplies, and some supplies from daily task and contracts, for ship 17 special parts are from event pass x2 and you can buy the others on market, you too can get some supplies conquesting sectors in a corp in conquest game mode or leage SC, but the more easy is do pve and sell pve medals.

Thanks, I saw asteroids and blew them to bits. When I got nothing for it, I figured different equipment was required. Is there somewhere I can read about this and other tricks I missed?

the asteroids should explode by themselves due to overheating, if you break them you don’t give anything, when they break only due to overheating then they give the loot, you can also do a farming routine on some easy/medium/difficult map where pirates or aliens will drop containers with modules, credits, plates, iridium or monocrystals, apparently the higher the karma, the higher the probability of a drop, positive or negative.

you have to heat them until they are molten, then find a rate of fire
so you don’t let them cool or explode. you should have 4 loots by asteroids if you do well.
5 with the Mole.