How to unlock ships easier for a new f2p player?

Hello everyone,

I am a new player in Star Conflict, level 7, and was wondering what is the easiest way for a f2p player to unlock new ships? I noticed that going into open space I can get e.g. 2 vanadium or some of the other ores, but looking at the ship requirements like lets say Mjolnir it will take quite a lot to get all the needed materials. Are dailies a good idea? I am most likely missing something, so would really appreciate if you can give your suggestions :slight_smile:

If you click the hourglass icon, you have temporary contracts/tasks, some of them reward you with materials such as impure silicon etc Doing this everyday is a good way to stack on ressources.

you can find a lot of all stuff you need in open space, with asteroids…you have to heat them until they are molten, then find a rate of fire so you don’t let them cool or explode. you can have 4 loots max,
5 with the Mole. (r16 féderation) and they are cargo drones in open that you can put all your full cargo. good luck :slight_smile:

old map but drones are still here