How to un-nerf Ellydium

Final offer: revert all Elly to what it was on introduction and restrict them to OS. Give them wormhole generator to go to alien sectors for free and travel between sectors quickly.



How bout make it so that Ellydium ships cannot regenerate health under any circumstances except when back in the hangar. Reason being that conventional repair technologies are ineffective on bio-crystal ships. Then beef them up again. Even a pro can’t avoid damage forever. Plus it’ll make people target aliens a lot more.

Ellydium ships are (almost) fine, no need for bigger nerfs or buffs. I only want to see the Antifriction Sphere fixed and the Hive nerfed ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I really don’t get the hate on Hive. It does not hit agile targets in close range, it hardly hurts fighters, it can be destroyed while active (denying regen) and cost 30% of HP to activate meaning that you have to do that much less dmg to the Tharga to kill it or force it to eat the hive for heal