How to trade Vulcan Barrel?

I wanted to trade a vulcan bp and barrels for it, but it only allows to trade one barrel at a time. 
So one barrel cost 200gs to make the weapon you need 20 so it’s 4000gs.
No one with a right mind will pay that much. Plus you only can trade 3*5 a day. It’s basically untradeable.

I totally agree with you!

I thought, that you can sell a bundle of 20 in one slot, only to find out, that you can only sell one at a time at forced minimum price.

Developers are clearly not testing their stuff, or even worse, they probably don’t even care about it.


This whole market system is a disaster. Completely useless and waaaayyyyyyyy too expensive.

I suggested multiple ways of dealing with that problem so basically lets sit and wait.