How to spend $10-$20 on this game?

I love this game. I have been playing for 1 week now and I feel I’d like to contribute a small fee.


How should I best spend my cash on it?


What can a starting $10 buy me that is worth it?


I’ve also been playing Hawken - in a way a comparable game in terms of gameplay/graphics/business model. I’ve spent usually $5 a time for some nice graphical polish of my bots, but in SC stickers are just not really worth it. (I don’t fly my T1 mark I ship anymore).




a ship ?

$10 for a 1 month license will increase your rewards and make it easier to progress to gain access to more ships/higher ranks. Extra loot, bigger squads - it’s been the best use of my $$ so far.


$20 for the merc pack gives enough gold coins to buy a 1 month license or a T1/T2 premium ship (no repair fees) and an extra loot. This one’s more effective if you play enough/win enough to loot as it increases your chances of getting military and experimental modules (playing lots of PvE can also help /w this, too).


I’d look at those two first if you’re looking to spend $10-20. Buying a premium ship off the bat would only make sense if you know what you like to play. The premium battle buffs/extra loyalty buffs don’t seem worth the cost (for me).