How to mine asteroids

In short, because who likes to read such long posts, so: 

  1. Take a fast ship (Tai’Kin is the best) and take enhaced scanner (because you only see asteroids with your own radar)

  2. Take a NON-explosive weapon with:

a) rate of fire 60-80 (best is ~70) and take some shared cooler (you need over 20s to weapon overheat)


b) higher rof can be even 600 and don’t worry about overheating your weapons

  1. Undock to any sector (I prefer these):


  1. Wait a few minutes to the asteroids to appear

  2. When asteroid appear approach it to a distance of 500-1000m

  3. If you have:

a) rof 60-80 - Shoot it until it cracks

b) higher rof - Shoot until it turns bright yellow (if it has crystals they turn red) and then shoot every 1s or a little faster

7. 3-4 ores and 1 container (with 1 Mole part) will drop from the asteroid


! 2 containers will drop from rich raw material asteroid e.g Rich crystal asteroid !

! Thi’Lith can extract a few asteroids at the same time !


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… With your guns… In short, because who likes to read long answers, so:

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