How to: Making Squads and Clans???

Guys, I would like to set up a squad with my friends, and maybe even a clan to role-play with, but I’m new to this forum and the game itself.



Is it required to get an extended license to make a squad of more than 2 people?



How are clans formed and recognized?




I tried searching on google for answers to these, but to no avail. Answers to these questions would help and would be greatly appreciated!

Is it required to get an extended license to make a squad of more than 2 people?


I looked through the patch-logs (think I found it in the 0.5.5 - log) because I wanted to know about that as well and the answer is yes an extended license is required to make a 3+ squad, it was also mentioned only one person in it needs the license. If I understood it correctly it works like this: everyone can make a 3+ person squad, but you can only enter battles if one or more of the members has an extended license


some form of official answer to this question would be nice though since the exact way it works is just speculation, but yes you effectively need the license for a 3+ squad

That sucks… I don’t want to pay money just to play with my friends in a squad… I wonder how long the extended license lasts for (hopefully it is permanent… if not… then bleh)


Thanks for answering my question!


… now about the whole clan idea.

Clan costs money to form, beyond that IDK if size upgrading does. (click corp. then create a corp.) Also I agree the squad size thing is taken from WoT I think, it’s a bad mechanic IMO that limits ones ability to form a group designed to have a strong outcome on your battle chances. I too hope one day it is removed.