How to make a Fed Frig not being a flying paper brick?

As the title says, anyone fly these successfully, I really want to like them.  I tried Jericho frigs, but just can’t get behind the homing missile and would prefer not to snipe like Empire so here I am in the middle.


So right now, I use propulsion inhibitor, a hull regen buff, and as many maneuverability skills and modules as I can fit.


What do you guys do?

I’m playing with one right now.  It’s an Alligator and I have extra shield and plugged the shields EM gap.  I’m playing this like a space priest so I have a hull and a shield repairer in the active module slots.

I highly recommend propulsion inhibitor as an active mod

What a lot of people forget is that the fed frigs actually have a much deeper specialisation than what it says, and you can really work with that. The way is see it, you have 2 main groups - either a defender, with missile-destroying drones, or a pusher/tanker, with the healing drones. The first one lets you hold a position longer, the second lets you hit the target before you hop back and heal.

Then, you can go deeper. Do you become a mobile rally point, holding positions and buffing those who come help you, while repairing them to get them back in the fight? Or do you really focus on missile defense and keep those beacons safe, increasing your damage, range and anti-missile defenses. With the tanker, you, imo, can become some kind of steel-clad demon, with massive hull and shield points, and packing serious shield damage with both drone and laser weapons, or you can be a really good support ship, using your drones to keep dot alive longer to buff the front line as much as possible.

Currently, i play in tier 1 to earn money, but i still fit the defender classification, and i have my tier 2 ship planned - mobile rally point/defender. Should work well.

Just remember to pick your role and stick to it! Im a rookie, but i hate seeing frigate players on the frontlines, the very front, getting pounded, or trying to capture bombs or kill captains. Frigates aren’t glamourous, you really don’t get kills, but holding a beacon against 7 fighters, or keeping your captain just long enough to kill theirs? Awesome xD

If anyone disagrees with this, please, let me know why :slight_smile:

(Wow, my two cents are pretty big :stuck_out_tongue: /rantover)

ok, semi-related question…


I’m trying to fix me a fed frig for pve and have some questions.

First, what kind of guns to use? Lasers? Rails? Plasma is a bit too short range, rails sound really good, but i simply don’t know.

Than: Alligator Mk2 or -M? Mk2 looks better for PvE due to healing, but why does it have lower reward bonus than the one more suitable for PvP? 

Finally, what to fit? Pure tank? combination of tank and support? Is there a point in using missile shield?

I’d be grateful for some pointers.


Also, ‘train empire’ is valid suggestion, just give me some reasons.


Fed Frigs are the best Frigs right now when flown properly, especially for support role and squadplay.

suggest me a fit, ing eneral?

plug the shield holes, remote shield and armor repper, shield booster?

what kind of guns?


primarily PvE, but pvp advices work too :slight_smile:

Hmm , im a purely pvp player, so here how i fly my Anakonda m atm.

Ships slots passive: Speed ! Only the cpu is the Proton Wall one is not directly speed, but it let you keep moving again faster.

The modules are : Missle defense , shield and hull repair and Pulsar , but the last one is switchable . Dunno atm if i keep the last one.

The other passives ( armor passives? ) are long range ones, Horizon and Projectile Speed.

Main weapon my loved Hail Plasma .

Pots are filled with Minefields and Armor Penetration Rockets.

Roles for this fittings or how i play it : Frontline Support + Heavy Fire Support, Fast ( for a Frig :wink: ) beacon capture and fortification unit, Emp Bomb-Carrier-Supporter (is fast enough to keep the carrier in Range of support modules), in cap modes Buffer/Healer and Sniper or when Captain Hunter needs Support " Here i am " .

I still fly my frigate “paper brick” style. Getting the jump on other ships makes up for lacking defensive modules

For pve, dont bother with the armada drones, ive never had a missile launched at me, ever.

Use lasers if you want range, or hail plasma (or whichever the long range one is) if you want stopping power (and make yourself a real pain to pvp pilots :stuck_out_tongue: all of a sudden realising they have no shields going against a frigate…) and a bit of range.

Buffs in active allow you to get loads of points if you pop them right at the start, so you get buff assists. I use shield and hull regen buffs, because they are also really useful in pvp (as a beacon holding portable rally point). Mines are amazing if you cant fit pulsar as well as any buffs.

thank you all


yesterday i got high and bought an Alligator Mk2 instead of -M due to its healing drones (since i plan to use it strictly for PvE) and must admit i’m a bit dissapointed. 

Yes, DPS is good, but tank is utter xxxx. Granted, i have only few selected green items, the rest is Mk1…

Also, is the 50% spread malus on plasma weapons new? Or should i stop smoking when buying xxxx? Anyway, will give that long range plasma a go.

I’ll try to shield tank it (plug resist holes, shield booster).


Anyone has any idea what rats shoot? graphically, i see laser and plasma, so EM + Therm? That would make armor tanking FAR more superior for PvE…

xxxx me, i don’t want to train empire to Lvl6 :frowning:


Any way, thanks again.


P.S. All suggestions still welcome.

You have to remember Fat, fed ships are not made to be tanks. Both empire and Jericho (more empire though) have the built in ability to tank. Where fed excels is commanding the battlefield. Using your maneuverability and damage to hit and run, but frigate style.

Not sure if it is another thread or this one, but we said that fed isn’t meant to tank, and sadly mate only a few full purple fit ships could do it.

no no, i understand they aren’t the tankers, they have mediocre hull and shields and xxxx resists

in pve, at least with my level of sucking xxxx, fed are preferred because of their agility. 

I fly intys and fighters so i’m reasonably good at dipping in and out of cover, so that’s how i use it atm. When i get aggro, i hide like a xxxxx :smiley:


it’s just that i was somewhat dissapointed that my Machete-S has considerably beefier tank than my Alligator Mk2

I dont know, I have no problem taking out fed frigs, I dont really recommend them. Hull tank on an empire frig = invincible (mostly).

I dont know, I have no problem taking out fed frigs, I dont really recommend them. Hull tank on an empire frig = invincible (mostly).


Fed Frig doesn’t get hit, speed is the key here.


Acid Hydra will always fall over because it can’t GTFO.

For PvE in a fed frigate, I’d recommend this:


Hull Type:

Take the M- variants, because the shield-heal drones stop shooting when they heal (reducing your DPS). The amount of healing you get from the shield-heal drones is not enough to justify the loss of damage.


Active Modules:

Take a pulsar for eliminating swarms of mobs.


I prefer to also take AoE hull heal and AoE shield heal. If I have a 4th active slot, I take a personal shield heal for when I’m taking excessive damage.



I take either the 5-missile swarm or mine field in the large rack. I take kinetic damage missiles in the medium rack.


Passive Modules:

Get thermal resistance. Enemy pulsars and lasers are the most dangerous weapons. I prefer to shield tank. But either type works.


Main Weapon:

I either take heavy lasers for accuracy or heavy plasma for the ability to switch between EM and Kinetic damage. You don’t want pulse/rapid fire because the range is too short.


Hope this helps!

Assault Lasers are best for obliterating the xxxx trash if you lack coordination to kill them with just pulsars.


Rapid Fire / Heavy Plasma is the best for sustained DPS.


And if you are not using Attack Drone in PVE you are doing something very wrong already.

to add, many people underestimate attack drone dps, and armada frigs are imo better, because of rocket defence and that they continue to attack even if you are injured.

T2: aoe shield & hull regen, pulsar

T3: aoe shield & hull regen, pulsar, engine debuf(the one that slow down nearby enemies)


Weapons: Asault lasers for general usage. (4k range in T2, and 5k+ range at T3 with extended range passive and can get even more if you add range weapon module)

                 Heavy plasma could be effective to take down other fregates, but harder to hit fighters and intys. but if it hit, then it hit like a truck.

And if you are not using Attack Drone in PVE you are doing something very wrong already.

^This. My attack drones do 500 damage every second of so, and can be reduced to about 200 depending on enemy thermal resist(some stages hugely buff box thermal resists) and they only die if an ally Jericho frig nukes them.

Not so handy in sabotage, but 3-4 inties with drones are hugely helpful.

thanks you all very, very much

i’ll get to testing when i get home