How to identify subfaction ships?

Hey guys,

maybe I’m just blind, but I was wondering how to see which ships are the subfaction ships. I need to finish a contract that sais I have to win a battle with one of the ships of my faction, but I couldn’t fin out which I need to play now.


Thanks for the help!


no, it’s probably an oversight of the 0.8


To recognize each subfaction :

Legion : Blue empire ships

Wardens : Red stripped empire ships


Armada : M class federation ships

Vanguard : Mk II federation class ships


Raid : Yellow jericho ships

Tech : Red jericho ships

There are no subfaction ships any more. You don’t need to fly one to complete that contract. You never did. It’s just badly worded.

Think of it as any ship piloted by a Contractor is a ship of that sub-faction.  

I came to the same conclusion myself, it could be worded better for sure.  

I do pine for the old Warden Micro Warp, though.  

I wonder if these will come back as a purchaseable class mod someday?

Werewomble : post it in the suggestion zone, that would be great :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your answers