How to gain energy router package?

Hello everyone,

I’ve seen that the gain of energy router package sems to depend of your efficiency during the Spec. Ops. .
Nowadays, most of the players are using seed chips to deal more damages, the point is, that all those players are getting around 7000 points per battle. It’s creating an imbalence because seed chips players seems to get more energy router package than the others. 
So in 8 hours of farming I get only 1 by doing between 500 and 1500 points when one of my friend is already at 10 pieces by doing around 10000 poits at each game.

It would be a good things to give the same chances to each players, so that anyone could get the pieces normally. Because this is not normal that in 8Hours of farms some players get 10 pieces and other get 1 or 0.

Sincerly Sogh.

I had top score many times in 8/8 outpost wins and got no router packages for up to 8-10 spec ops in a row. So I don’t think it’s due to chips.

Also 7000 points?