How to deal with disconnectors

we all know that disconnectors can ruin games. especially if they disconnect before the game starts. it forces the rest of the players on the team to pull an extra persons weight. and the smaller the team, the more the others have to work.


I have, along with another player in game (SINaka), come up with a solution, that can let a game continue, let a disconnector disconnect, but doesn’t put any extra pressure on the team. 


Add a bot to the game, this bot will take the ships and gear of the human player that disconnected, and use it, so that if a disconnected player comes back due to a network fault, then he can carry on where he left off, however the bot does not add to his personal achievements at all. 


this will mean the teams are more even throughout the entire games, even when people disconnect, because sometimes it is unavoidable, but the team should not suffer for this.


let me know what you think, and add any ammendments you might think of. and i hope this may get implemented into the game

Well, I came up with such idea, which is basically identical to yours, a while ago, but I never posted it, because I forgot about it.

So, if I am disconnected by some means beyond my control, my fully equipped ship armed to the teeth, will take place and assume my position by the bot.

The problem is that, if you’re chosen as the Captain in Recon battle. I think that we need either notification, that the Captain got switched, since bot Captain in this case can be very dangerous or maybe quite the opposite.


So, if I am disconnected in any other mode than Recon battle, it should be like this:


Koromac [ESB] (has left the battle) disconnected.

(bot) Koromac [ESB] is active.


I am talking about unintentional disconnect, of course.


All of your ships immediately come under control of the bot.

Ship rank - synergy level is preserved.

Implants are counted as well. All of them are active under the influence of the bot.

Equipment, either mark IV or mark V counts as well. Both will make the best with it and will use the ship to the fullest potential possible.


If you manage to reconnect, the bot sign will disappear and you will take full control of the ships.

During that time, you get 10 seconds of invulnerability, but you can’t also deal damage, while the effect it active, so that you can immediately assess your current situation.




You got my vote!

+1 add a poll. Or a pole. If you are in to that sort of thing.

when someone disconnects, and his ship is shot, it’s one point to pay. he won’t respawn, since he is disco. yes you are a man short now, that is bad.


however, if it gets substituted by a bot (especially in a tier, where there are no bots), it could lead to more points lost. also, the amount of griefing it would open.


so i dunno if it would really help. maybe in t2… ?

Remove the bots altogether in all tiers.

Problem fixed!

If you lack players, advertise like The Witcher 3 advertises itself and you’ll get more than enough players, without any need or use for bots.

Remove the bots altogether in all tiers.

Problem fixed!

If you lack players, advertise like The Witcher 3 advertises itself and you’ll get more than enough players, without any need or use for bots.


Advertisement does nothing for keeping the players around though. New players do us no good if they don’t even bother to reach tier 3 before dropping. Getting more players is nice, but this game needs to fix the quirks that turn them off first.

Yeah but i doubt a bot could replace koromac or any decent player. 

it’s better than nothing. just program the bot to stick by the person with the highest SR

hey that was my idea!!! ok here is the another one , when a player disconnects matchmaker kicks a player from opposite team!!  how about that? come on its a great idea balance restored /problem fixed… cmon guys dont do like that // not my face not to face damn…

Trying to balance the teams using Bot count is a very good idea.


The Bare minimum to do it at least to spawn one less bot in the oponent team when there is a disconect in one team, if ever the player reconnect then spawn the missing bots.

At least the bots could be used to balance team numbers, even if a bot will not replace a good player, that is the bare minimum to do in this matter.


Another subject is I disagree with the fact that the game is spawning bot disintegrator frigates, the fact that players can use them is sufficiently horrible, it is not fun to have the game spawn bot for this as well, there is no point the bot will not have fun one shooting 10 or 20 victims during the game, but for the victim that is really anoying to be one shoted and not be able to play. I Played myself for a while such disintegrator frigate and get a huge amount of kills, but this is totally boring as this it not piloting, just aiming, so I would rather not play them to have fun piloting, and if its ok to have to cope once in a while with a player on a disintegrator frigate, it is really anoying to have plenty of bots doing that as well it remove serious fun of the game. On some (open ) maps there is no other choice to select a disintegrator frigate to counter them wich make the game boring as hell because this is not piloting any more but just a stupid duck shooting game. I am also annoyed when the game spawn a lot of Guard Frigates bots in the oponent team, but i can cope with them even is it take a lot of time, the worse is really to be destroyed by a bot you dont even see on open map with nowhere to hide.

the problem is known and we are aiming for a solution