How to create bug reports

Your bug report needs to look like this:
In the title of the topic: A short description of the issue


In the body of the topic:

  1. Description of the problem, what happened.

  2. What did you expect to happen.

  3. The conditions during the situation.

  4. Further details on the issue.

  5. Frequency of occurrence.

  6. Logs + [screenshots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18799-how-to-takepost-screenshots/) or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it)  Screenshot needs to be done with ingame tools! Don’t change screenshot’s original name!

  7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone.

  8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag)

  9. The results of this [program](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/) if the bug report is related to connection issues.

  10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening.


Files can be added by clicking “choose files” at the topic editing window 




If a file type is not allowed, please create an archive and upload it.


Captured beacons do not appear in the statistics


  1. I captured 2 beacons in battle and was faced with the fact that they are not applied in statistics after the battle Capture the Beacons.

  2. After the battle the battle statistics showed that I captured 2 beacons and I expected them to be applied in the pilot statistics.

  3. During the battle me and my team destroyed the Guard Drones and captured a pair of beacons. Our team won by the number of capture points.

  4. The situation occurs with any outcome of the battle, it it is a victory or defeat does not affect the result.

  5. In each battle.

  6. Logs + Screenshots.

  7. 08.07.2014 16:10 Moscow time.


How to attach game logs:
The logs are located in the following folder:

  1. For Win XP: {drive}: \Documents and Settings {username} \My Documents\My My Games\StarConflict\

  2. For Win Vista/7: {drive}:/Users/{username} \Documents\My Games\StarConflict\

  3. For Linux: ~/.local/share/starconflict

  4. For MAC OS: \ <user> \Library\Application Support\Star Conflict


Files to attach:

  • A screenshot showing the issue from the folder Screenshots
  • DeviceCaps.log
  • game.log
  • user_config.cfg

If there was a crash , the mentioned files are located in the Exceptions folder. Create and archive containing the files from the corresponding folder and attach it to your report.
Gather the files in one archive. For us it would be more convenient if the archive was with *.zip extension.

Attach it to your report.


Where to find screenshots:
If the installation location is the default location (C:\Program Files\Star Conflict ), screenshots will be saved in MyDocuments\Star-Conflict where you also find the logs. if you installed the game to any other directory, the files will be saved in the Screenshots folder within the game folder.
Sometimes we may ask to send a list of files from the folder containing the game.


Screenshot needs to be done only with ingame tools!

Don’t change screenshot’s original name!

The moment when screeshot captured, shows the place where to find a bug, in logs


How to create a list of the files:

This can be done with the help of certain programs, for example total commander. You will need to navigate into the game folder and paste the following text into the command line: dir * / s> ListOfFiles.Txt



Then press enter and the file will be created in the folder.



If possible, please attach a screenshot to each report you do. It usually only takes a few seconds and makes our work easier.


We understand that in some cases the information in certain points can be the same or you don’t know when the bug report is fully completed, but try to stick to these simple rules. Thereby you simplify our work on solving the problem.
P. S.: Use the search function on the Forum, maybe your problem has already been reported and all you have to do is attach your logs and leave a comment.


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