How to avoid latency wooble?

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Sometimes the wobble becomes so severe that my ship won’t go forwards.

Fly a destroyer or LRF

53 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Fly a destroyer or LRF

What he said… Choose ship depending on ping.

If ping > 300; select shiptype: [Frigate; Destroyer]. XD

SImple, put more strafe and less rotation on your ship.

With a high ping, strafe builds work just fine, while max rotation builds will be the one wobbling like at a rave party. 

I play with Constant 200-400 ping and Kostyan here said it best, just go with strafe builds or else your ship will just be a spiraling mess.

And don’t forget to start shooting 1 or 2 sec before the target

Strafe builds do work for high ping, but generally in my experience if your ping is in the 0-200ish range than a inty is a ship you can take (if wobbly happens randomly and not off the bat press tab for a bit). 300+ use a fighter, frigate, or destoryer. 

On 5/20/2018 at 2:18 PM, Farfalla said:

Share your tips and tricks!


Don’t play this game. If you don’t play it, then nothing can go wrong.