How to access the Skill tree if any

I played for few hours so far but i would like to know if there is a Skill tree where I can spend my XP. I can only select my implants but there is no way to get to the Skill tree. I’m not sure if it is some kind of a bug or Skill tree is currently unavailabe. I got 5/12 implants and access to T2 ships.

XP is only awarded to the ships. There was once a skilltree to invest XP but it confused most new players so it was simplyfied to the new skilltree. Now you can only pick Implants if you have the corrosponding Race Reputation.

The confusion comes from the fact that in the game tutorial they still have not taken this old skill tree out so the rest of us newB’s are like skill tree? WTF! I haven’t found no skill tree! Is it any wonder i’m getting owned all the time

Get over it, they’re doing their best to keep things up to date and a minor thing like that can be bypassed by using your brain.

Another issue that comes up with this though is that the Jericho faction bonus kinda sucks balls compared to the other too.

Just look around the interface.  It is a fairly easy interface.  I’ve played for 5 days and I understand the implant system and all.

i wish they had the old skill tree it looked more interesting…, they could of made it so first 6 ranks are simple, and then expand the tree to something more complexed from rank 7 onwards, if people not got clue by then, then perhaps they shouldn’t be playing.