How to accept Custom PVE invitation ?




I have to ask this question, because this is frustrating when you receive an invitation and you have no way to accept/deny it.

When a mate send me an invite, i see a yellow invitation on the chat room, then what ?

How to accept/deny it ? There is NO WAY, i searched everywhere, on every icons, even the notifications one.


It should be a simple popup question like when someone invite you in a squad with YES or NO, why a yellow message with no way to answer it ?





you can simple join by searching the custom battles for your friends nickname on the lobby hosters.

Currently there is no accept button so this is the easiest solution.


That’s what i’m doing but this is not so easy, because if a lots of people are looking for custom, i have to be faster than them or the host must remake it…

Also, why if we are on SQUAD we are not able to join together the Custom PVE ? We should be, i don’t see the reason why !

The custom battle is still in early basics so not all features have been added yet.