How Should the Universe Be Conquered?

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This is part of a multi-thread to construct one ultimate design based on the communities feedback of the universe.

Be sure to keep all of the following aspects included.



Full mechanics of conquest

Timers of Mechanics

Potential ways to Break the system

Potential Solutions to resolve problems

I think each player and space installation and beacons in the area have an influence value, and when the territory is contested, you must:

  1. destroy enemy installations & fleet to decrease their influence
  2. fortify your fleet to increase your influence
  3. capture beacons that give high influence bonus

Your faction/corp start gaining influence once the invader’s influence goes higher than the defender’s influence. Once 60% of the influence is controlled by a corp, they gain control of the area and can build minor space installations (cannons, resupply stations).

When 80% of the influence is controlled, corp can build major installations (hangar, shipyard, warp gates, major buff structures)

By zergs that are lolling at t1

The way i see it is as follows.


First off, in each system should be some sort of “build location” for the corporation to make a structure, That will classify the systems role for the corp

Role types are


  •   Military
  •   Trading
  •   Industrial

Military Installations will do things like grant synergy per hour to people in system, among other unique benefits, and offer two important stats.

  • Influence : this is the max range a corp fleet can move
  • Supply : this is the max range corp members are supplied at.


Take this example below


Lets say each of these octagons represent a system.

The blue is corporate owned space

Green is max supply

Purple is Max Influence



Lets say the influence range is 5 light years (each fleet will gain a max Influence (jump) range.

This will cause corporations to war against neighbors rather then go roaming 50+ jumps for pvp.


Conquest Will depend on capturing these “sovereignty slots” that allow the corporations to build in them for the systems progression


(each system will have say 5 slots (or less) depending on the soverignty of the system The longer the system is held, the more upgrades it can take.


capture of these systems will depend on attacking and capturing a star-base Which has around 1 million hp. It should have enough regeneration

to counter react the damage of any fleet smaller the 25. This way smaller groups can lay siege to systems.



More to come after a shower

I dont think attacking is a good idea because who would want to just sit there spamming plasmas on a starbase for hours


So i would go with capturing(with a pretty large capture raidus), however this dosent mean enemy defence strucutures cant be destroyed

There really is no other solid mechanic to do it though.


Well, one that will leave you with out pos war’ing like in eve.

Meaning no offense but I think the best way to enjoy conquering a universe like in EVE is by… well, actually playing EVE and not Star Conflict.

I log into the game because I want to enjoy a few quick and intense PvP battles.


There are a number of experiences from EVE that I’m definately NOT looking for in this game, like:


  • being economically disadvantaged for not belonging to an organization controlling prime territory

  • sitting around for hours drudge-mining

  • having to fly somewhere to buy ship and components and then spend more time transporting them somewhere else before I can have my fight

  • having to stay up long into the night sitting around in some fleet because losing territory would be so bad and then going to work on 2 hours of sleep the next day

  • having to invest huge amounts of time to be truly successful

  • unnecessary time delay between finding PvP battles

  • unbalanced PvP battles due to one side having big numerical advantage

  • all that goddamn awful spy/infiltration nonsense


So far, this game is great for players who just want to log in for some quick fun. And participating in a corp is about fun and teamwork instead of feeling like a second job.

Let’s not turn it into EVE, ok ?