How should the Sirius be equipped?

Perhaps I made a mistake when I built a Sirius instead of a Tyrant or Vigilant, but here I am.

What do you guys suggest on doing to bring out the best qualities of this destroyer?


The primary weapons are very much weighted towards the front-top of the ship (which is odd for a class that needs to stay at a distance)

The overall toughness is less than the Tyrant and Vigilant, but is more balanced between shields and hull. More hull than Tyrant, more shields than Vigilant.

The bonus EM resist lends itself better to alien encounters. (spec ops, open space), and popular EM-based weaponry on destroyers. 

Attila module gives nearly constant opportunities for +40% damage at max speed.

The Sirius has superior energy, capacitor, speed, and rotation.

The Sirius can deploy 3 barriers or repair drones, instead of 2.


What do you guys think is a good direction to go in equipping this thing?

I recommend good hull resists to make the most out of the triple repair drones. Crystal plates are a good choice. It should also be energy stable to allow permanent afterburners. If you feel like it, you could even use passive armor alongside crystal plates and kinetic resists/galvanized armor.


For weapons, I had the most success with high velocity coilguns with decent range. Use vanadium shells for extra rof. The spread isnt a concern, as long as you feather the trigger. A low spread meson works aswell, just don’t use halos. You’d be harmless to 90% of all ships if  you do :P. Federation ships gain extra crit chance when they fly at max speed, so buffing your crit damage (and chance) is a good idea.


Incorperating an adaptive shield while using the fed energy router enables you to effectively regenerate meaningful amounts of shield ehp aswell.


The modules are down to preference, although, if you add a multiphase shield to the adaptive shield/fed router, you can tank some insane burst damage, that could otherwise punch through your shield and damage modules. If you use that layout, you could also consider 7c and 9c crew for emergency energy and energy drain immunity. This also helps if you want to spam a photon emitter.


Note that my recommendation aims at being a good flanking gunboat in pvp. It cant outtank or outdamage a tyrant or vigilant, but it can wear both of them down. Superior mobility and regeneration are the key.

Determined covert ops interceptors and stingrays are its weakness, flocks of frigates and fighters are its strength.