How SHOCKing

Just wondering if anyone knew what the EM weapon “shocks” did? I’ve been seeing it happen a lot more lately and it looks really cool.

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the EM weapon crit shock was, what the Kinetic crit Mains Burn was, and what the Thermal crit Engine Burn was?

I am still assuming these are just visual effects with no gameplay effects.

The weapon burn from kinetic crits actually shuts off weapons apparently. But only the person affected can visually identify that this is happening. The EM crit shocking thing just looks plain awesome and I would love to have it as a skin. I’d love to have that, and the flaming engines. X3


1 sec making suggestion.

its just effect. Try rails in a gunship (crit build+RoF while using overdrive and aiming overcharge), you will still get shot back.


Definitely needs to be a thing.

maybe it will be a thing but they are just adding the animations and balancing the stats later