How often is the game being updated?

I’m not talking about patches. Every first time I launch the game through Steam after logging in it “updates”.

This has been happening for the last week or so, I’m starting to wonder if it’s on my end

This would most likely be on your end as I rarely have to update the game except for when a patch is released. I have no clue what would be causing steam to auto update the game though.

Maybe it is Steam itsself that is updating, and not the game? I seem to get a lot of that

So it’s on my end, though I still don’t know why this is happening. It is definitely not Steam being updated, it actually says “Validating” in the Downloads page intead of, well, “Downloading”. Plus 0 bytes downloaded.

Dunno, will try reinstalling/verifying integrity of game cache. Thanks for the help

If it still doesn’t work, try downloading the Star Conflict launcher from the website, to be able to launch the game without Steam. That’s what I use now, because Steam always messed things up for me, using too much of my laptop’s ressources and downloading stuff in the background without telling me.