How often DLCs get on sale?

All said in title.


I’m back playing this game, and I’m actually liking it more and more, but the money-grabbing is strong with this one.

20/50/80$ for a DLC is truly out of this world insolent.

So, i’d like to know how often DLCs get on sale, because that’s the sole indicator of how long i’ll play this game.

I just scratched T3 and i’m already out of warehouse, removing mods after every few fights, and that xxxx is getting old FAST.



You can buy more warehouse space with credits. The DLC will only max it for money instead of sinking your credits.


DLC usually go on sales in winter and summer sales. Maybe in Easter, but I don’t know.


The DLC is usually the best bang for the buck considering the bonuses, the gold, and the premium ships. In fact I always recommend to buy at least the 4 smaller DLC instead of gold if you want to keep a license.


On sales, of course :smiley:


PS: I think calling money grabbing the developers is not fair, since you can play for free. This is much better balanced than other F2P games.

thanks mate.


and let’s not get into financial side of this game because i’ll get gagged or tempbanned again

I remember them getting on sale with the famous Steam Sales, you could always wait for that. 

The biggest sales are normally new years. I buy for the whole year on new years sales.

Someone in game mentioned something about May, is there something special that happens around then?

There are usually sales at weekends and on holidays:)