How much does it cost to reconfigure a secret ship after you've build it.

I’m working on building a secret ship and I’ve never built one before so I have a few questions…


I want to build a kraken and I have 5 internal structures and 6000000 credits.  However, I see that I need to purchase 9 combinations of engine, deflector, external stuctures, etc. etc.   I see that I can configure these however I want such as 2,1,3,2,1 or 2,2,2,2,1 with each type between 1-3 slots and no more than nine total.  My question is…  How easy/costly is it to reconfigure this afterwards if I don’t like my configuration?  Do I need to completely rebuild my ship?  Is it even possible to reconfigure?  Thanks.

Is it even possible to reconfigure?  Thanks.

Nope. You have to rebuild

You can disassemble finished ship, but you will lose 30% of parts and credits invested, all synergy will reset to 0.

Don’t rush it, make sure you really do want what you are building. Ask around for advices, maybe some one already has something similar, maybe a video or screenshot.

Like Kost said, you lose resources if you disassemble, so make sure you do it well the first time.


A lot of people have built the Kraken, and can probably give you some useful suggestions.


I haven’t built it myself, but I would probably go with something along these lines:


1-3-0-3-2 for a high main weapon damage ship -OR-


2-1-0-3-3 for a nice crit-build of some sort.


Regardless of what you do, I wouldn’t use more shield slots than hull, simply because this is an empire frigate, and hull tanking is far more important than shield for such a ship.

I recently built the Kraken and like DarthDirk recommended above, I built mine with:


2 Engine

3 Capacitor

2 Hull



It’s real expensive to build these so like everyone is saying, make sure you really understand how you want your ship to be before you do it, because going back on it will make you very sad.