How I build the Castor

Now, this is just how I personally like building my Castor, I know this probably isn’t the recommended way, since I like to run shield boosters on my empire ships as well as run Invincible with an engine module on it, so yeah, call me weird but it’s how I roll.

I’ve been experimenting around with Castor since I just could not find the kind of playstyle + module set that I like. However, after messing around with the particle purge, I finally found out that Castor is pretty well built as an ambusher, which counters the fact that it only has one CPU slot.



**Verner engines (not in photo) + Auxiliary Generator: **Add in the special ability and it allows me to close the distance on my target to hit them with the particle purge. Plus verner adds extra agility for close quarters combat.


Capacitor Power Relay + Voltage Regulator:  Since the particle purge needs maximum shield numbers to be effective, shield regen is top priority.


Asynchronous Shield Projector** : **Just like above, need as much shield regen as possible. However, if you play your cards right, an auxiliary shield projector would serve just as well, providing more shield for the particle purge to use.


Regenerative Coating + Thermal Insulator + Reactive Armor:  I always carry regenerative coating on my fighters and interceptors, very useful when you need to survive a close encounter. Then of course add resistances to make sure I can survive a fight.

CPU ** Infared Scanner: **This one I’m not so sold on, but when ambushing, it provides as much firepower as you can possibly get from the CPU slot. However, I’d probably run a proton wall, electronic guidance, or horizon module if you need to balance out your ship a bit more.

Active Modules:

Repair Kit + Particle Purge + Engine Overcharge + Aiming Overcharge:  Pretty self explanatory, particle purge and aiming overcharge for maximum burst damage, engine overcharge whenever you need speed, and repair kit to repair.

Main Weapon:

Assault Railgun:  It’s pretty much the only weapon on gunship fighters that I use. No other weapon can take the gunships abilities better than this weapon. The only exception would be the Singularity Cannon.

BTW…If in open space, run this EXACT configuration but replace railgun with singularity cannon, and you can kill Hunters and (non Leviathan) Predators really easily. It’s so good that I can kill a predator faster than with my destroyer.


Use cover to your advantage, if at anytime you see a target that you know exactly where it is going, setup an ambush behind cover and then use your special ability (plus engine overcharge if needed) and speed towards your mark. Don’t open fire until your a few seconds away from particle purge effectiveness. This way you won’t spook your enemy.

I hope you all enjoy!


This is the usual way to build empire gunships, I make em essentially like Cr0 with few mods.

It’s an empire gunship, so amplify its base stats, don’t go for shield, go for hull resists and buffer, and maximum damage possible.

Prometheus fire is still better with assault rails and that strafe bonus.


Very interesting. I personally prefere particle purge on federaton gunships with two shield slots like stingray for example. And then go for shield volume instead of regen and use cap slot and active modules to stay alive in cc combat. For the shield regen you need to use this build efficiantly i have particle purge itself and a shield booster. Since Stingrays overdrive is much shorter than the overdrive of a common gunship i don’t use aiming overcharge instead of it i can use combat reboot, which saves me in situations with ecms involved.


Yeah I heard particle is a federation thing typically. Just thought it might work with Empire and it works surprisingly well.

[@_Bl4ck](< base_url >/index.php?/profile/244657-_bl4ck/) So the normal way is to build empire gunships like tanks, hull resistances and as much firepower as possible. I’ve never done that before, need to try it out soon.


Oh BTW…GeMichi, how are you liking the singularity cannon? I love the thing, but hitting moving targets is still a bit rough, even with the circuit booster ammo. Great for killing aliens though.

The singulartity cannon is in my opinion the best weapon for gunships and fed tacklers. It requires a lot of mobility but if you have that mobility it is super strong. And yeah hitting a player who flies away from you is pretty damn hard but with the low rate of fire and the great damage and big projectile it is super conveniant for dogfighting. (btw in SC i am Flash0914^^)