How does this update (downgrade) make sense?

I am thoroughly baffled by this latest “update.” All of us are. People are leaving the game over this.
Lets force veteran players to leave the game and reduce the player base. Yeah, that will help the game grow.
And then we get this from CinnamonFake:
“A couple of words about upcoming hotfix. If you reached the cap with some recources and earned them in trophy search, they will be delivered to your ingame mail with a special message. That’s true, that the message has time limit. And it will be pretty enough time to craft something with your resources and maybe sell it to somebody in the market. Basicly it encourage pilots to convert excess resources into real GS.”

“As it was said before, the cap is necessary technical need for further development of Star Conflict. And trade system is the perfect way to distribute all the stuff among the pilots and help people to get module or ship they want faster. We’re now working also on some very functional additions to trading, it will make all things even easier.”

I’ve been saving my resources for the eventual return of the r 14 destroyers.
I’m pretty sure that much of what I plan to build for it will require more than 200 of all the resources.
Yet I can’t save them or store more.
This update is impossible to understand from a players standpoint. Without players a game dies.
And players ARE leaving the game.

Why is it technically necessary to limit our resource capacity to HELP us achieve our in-game goals?
Please explain it so that we can judge it and determine it’s worthiness before it is implemented.

As I understand this, we will get the items that were destroyed in a series of mails.
But we can’t collect them because we are over limit. Plus they will expire in 2 weeks. So we don’t get them anyway.
We can’t convert the excess resources to GS because trade doesn’t allow it. So everything Cinnamon stated is useless.
What about the items that were not from trophy searches?
The mono’s from dailies. Composite panels from fleet assignments. I lost 30 xeno-crystals last night because of this.
And you just smile and wave like this is ok. It most certainly is NOT OK!

Cinnamon, the general consensus is that this was a ridiculous move.
It was based on a flawed premise. And all of the secrecy and “trust us because we know what we are doing” statements don’t make things better.
They make it worse because OUR trust has been betrayed.

When the Christmas event began I had a bad feeling about the direction the game was headed.
I spent about 1k gs and got 1 Dart chip. I got a few aerographies. I got a few boosts to loyalty, credits and syn.
I wasted my GS.
There was nothing about the Christmas event that made it feel like a Christmas event.
All it was about was buy GS at a discount. Buy, Buy, BUY! Spend, Spend, SPEND!
There was no effort to put in decent loot.
No gifts.
We had to buy our own gifts. That’s what spinster cat ladies do.
All I got was coal in my stocking. It wasn’t Christmas. It was pathetic.
So, I was worried. Very worried. Justifiably so.
Because now we have a resource cap that is so ridiculously low that we can’t, technically, save enough resources to craft some items.
And the compensation for destroying these resources is to give them back so they rot in our mail? Really? So we don’t REALLY get them back do we? Right?
OOOH, I now have a 3 day license that I cannot take advantage of because I’ll obtain loot that I can’t keep.
And now we earn awards that we still have to buy?
Thanks for, quite literally, nothing.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
After all, you are the guys who set a corporations limit to 50k iridum max.
Yet you still have contracts and assignments that award iridium to the corp even when the corp is at the max.
Again, it is earned. It is owed. And it is gone forever.

Star Marathon is gone. One of the few decent additions to the game has been removed.
Many of us were slowly working towards collecting those ships.
I am guessing that with enough gs players will be able to complete their ships.
Funnily enough, when the Star Marathon was added it was touted as being a way to obtain premium ships without gs.
Yet now we must have gs to obtain those ships. How does that make sense?

With this latest fiasco of an update you have managed to anger and alienate almost the entire player base. Well done.
The only ones not angered seem to have their noses buried into very deep, very brown spaces.

Bad reviews will keep new players from joining. And there are many bad reviews over this latest boneheaded move.
And I will be sure to post my own bad reviews in as many places as I can.


CinnamonFake, we are tired of bs excuses and empty explanations. The trade system, as currently implemented, is broken.
It is NOT a perfect way to distribute resources so we can build modules and ships faster. Actually the opposite is what has happened.
You took out the in-game gs rewards in order to force and protect gs sales. So the free players are excluded.
The coiners ask exorbitant amounts for the things they have and then Gaijin takes a cut. So the pool of available gs is shrinking.
That doesn’t grow an economy. That doesn’t level the economy.
It does destroy one though.


Nice rant. I’ll just add that the limit of OLD resources is stupid anyway since every time they introduce something new, they make it so it is crafted from a NEW type of resource so I can’t see why they would put up such a limit in the first place. Just bollocks and lies and everyone is rightfully mad about it.


I’ll be re-writing my review later.

I love the “Basicly it encourage pilots to convert excess resources into real GS.” from CinnamonFake. 

It can be translated into a “Basically it encourages pilots to trade excess resources to destroy GS with taxes and force players to buy more”.

I do not get it. Cant you just trade your excess ressources and get GS for it? GS are most valuable resource so it is ok?

8 minutes ago, theNoob said:

I do not get it. Cant you just trade your excess ressources and get GS for it? GS are most valuable resource so it is ok?

It would be OK if there were no taxes.

Due to taxes, trading can be considered an indirect premium feature. Players pays some GS. And they are destroyer through trading. Not in one shot like containers, but they are still destroyed in the end.


And here, they are forcing us into using it. So basically, if everybody stopped buying GS with real money, trading would become useless after a few days/weeks. Which means that since they balance stuff around trading, our progression would be greatly reduced, and we’d have no way to convert these excess resources into something valuable.


Which is why I’m against it.